February 5, 2021

5 on Friday. 2/5 ("basically" edition)

1. I got the covid vaccine yesterday. There's lots out there about "the vaccine", so I won't bore you with all my thoughts. Basically, I was offered it, so I took it. I didn't know if/when I'd have another chance at it and, since states get to decide who gets vaccines (thank goodness for federalism), my state had teachers toward the top of the list. I would've gladly given my opportunity at a vaccine to someone more at-risk when it comes to complications from covid (not at risk of contracting it, but just being more prone to complications), but that's not how it works.  
Also, I proudly made it through 2020 with nary a virtue signal. So, you won't see me bragging about this on IG. I will never tell you to "wear a mask", so I also won't tell you to "get the shot". Just FYI...vaccines are being offered far and wide sooner rather than later.  
2. Many of you had comments/questions about the hemp oil we are giving Scout and Jett to help squelch any doggie anxiety. Basically, I don't know if it's working. It hasn't hurt, that's for sure. Scott did all of the research on this one and told me to make sure, when I feed them, that I use it. 

We put 3-4 drops on their dry food, along with a drizzle of olive oil, twice a day. There's been no adverse effects, so maybe it's doing nothing at all? But it's fine. This one bottle will last quite awhile, as we've been using it for a month for two dogs and it's not even half gone. And we definitely didn't tell a vet that we were using it. I can't deal with that kind of potential judgment. (I have enough issues with vets...story to follow maybe next week.)

3. Clothes are sad right now. Basically: I am so tired of being cold and I'm running out of clothes I like. I don't want to buy more winter clothes. I do need another pair of leggings for wearing under skirts/dresses/tunics because my favorites have two holes in them. One hole, I knew about and could deal with. Now that there's two holes, I might have to retire that pair. 

4. The Bachelor. I don't really much to say this week. Basically, I just really like Rachael's hair. That was my only takeaway and I don't think I watched the whole episode? 

5.  This was a good book. It's not higher-level learning by any stretch, but I read it in two days. I use two library systems and, originally, this was a 6 month wait. Somehow I got it over the weekend.
Basically, I read it in two days. I purposely pick books like this because I want to like them enough to read them in two days..

Bonus #6:


  1. We read Wife Upstairs for book club and my friend and I enjoyed it, but the rest of our book club pretty much hated it lol. I liked that it was set here in Birmingham, as we have frequented many of the places mentioned in the book. It wasn't the best book I read all year...but I was shocked so many in my book club hated it. It kept me entertained.

    1. I don't see what there was to hate in that book! I didn't love any of the characters but I think the setting told a lot of the story and kept it interesting.

  2. LOL - that Fish/God conversation - that's funny.
    Good for you getting the vaccine - I think if its offered, you gotta take the opportunity.
    I need some new clothes. Working from home, that may mean more leggings & sweatshirts - but still :)

  3. My favorite non excercise leggings are Felina that I bought at Costco but that are also on Amazon. They have held up and washed well for maybe 8 years? I was thinking about doing a post. They are the ones I reach for the most. They would be great under skirts but you may need to buy a little can of static spray. I love that stuff! They are on the thinner side but a cozy fabric - best for long tops over them.
    I am the same with winter clothes - over them! Trying to wear pink and red just as something different for this month. I feel weird wearing outfits to teach virtually.

    1. You'll have to post the link! I like the modal leggings from Gap, but they're cropped and slightly see-through so they can only be worn in certain circumstances.

      I'd definitely not care about what I'm wearing, overall, if I were teaching virtually all day.

  4. Hopefully my mom will be getting the vaccination soon. If I was offered it I would take it as well. Better to be safe. I have the wife upstairs on my reading list.


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