February 2, 2021

Amazon Lately.

Another month, another Amazon round-up. 

I shall reiterate: I don't go to Amazon to browse. I don't even like that Amazon is my go-to source. But when I feel that I need something I would otherwise go out to buy or browse multiple websites for, I usually check Amazon first. I mean, we pay that Prime membership for a reason, right? 


Uh, I noticed, when I went in to grab these links, that there was an awful lot of sausage-making gear and tire-changing equipment purchased this month in our household. "Sausage making" is definitely a genre on Amazon, in case you didn't know. So I'm going to be leaving out a lot. Normally, I don't share Scott's purchases because they're quite niche. This month even more-so. 

Essential oils. I don't mind candles and wax melts in the winter but, when I think spring, I want citrus. This is a set that had much of what I wanted. If you're unfamiliar, this is a good brand in that it doesn't smell chemical-ish. I'll throw the tea tree away because it's unsafe to diffuse around dogs. The eucalyptus is for sickness. It's amazing if you're congested. Same with the peppermint. I like to put peppermint in the shower. This IS missing my favorite: lemongrass, but it had lemon and orange, which are close seconds. The rosemary appealed to me because I thought I could try this

On a not quite separate note, I burned some popcorn rather badly on Saturday so I spent the weekend diffusing citrus peel on the stove...

This book about going to the dentist. It wasn't the best ever, but it did what I needed it to do. Meaning, I flipped through the pages and told Wells was what happening in each scene. I familiarized him with it enough that we survived the dentist with only one or two screams of "no dentist!" and just a few tears. 

This book about going to the doctor. I liked this one a lot more than the dentist book. Since doctor visits are a struggle, now was the time to buy a book so I could reason with him. He's old enough now to understand what is happening on each page instead of me just reading him a story or telling him about the doctor. That visual connection is helpful. 

A weekly calendar. This was for us. I fill it out each week and stick it on the fridge so Scott can't say he didn't know about something :) I would have random notes here and there and this helpfully consolidated everything for meals, appointments, my work schedule, etc. 

Thank you cards. One thing I think that is the most basic tenet of being an adult is writing thank-you cards on time. Not for every little thing, but for big events, yes. 
I do them for Wells' birthdays. This year, he's almost old enough to understand getting Christmas gifts so I got these and wrote them out, read them to him, and had him "sign" his name. 

And a few things Scott ordered for the dogs: 

Dog lights. We put these on their collars, starting years and years ago. They are used mostly when Scott is hunting and setting up in the dark early morning hours. We also found them tremendously helpful when walking the dogs after dark and, here, since we don't have a fence, when we let them outside early in the morning or late at night. Our old ones both stopped working this month so ordering more was a must. 

And pet-grade hemp oil. We noticed Jett had some extreme anxiety after our Christmas travels. And we had taken them WITH us! I think we were just asking a lot of them by driving halfway across the country and back in two weeks. Jett chewed a patch of fur away on his leg. Scout became extra whiny if Scott left his sight. So we thought this, along with some olive oil, in their food might get them back on track. They're used to traveling, but this was pretty extreme with multiple hotel stays, etc. 


  1. I like to diffuse mint for headaches!!! It is one of the only things that works for me to knock them out. I have a few candles in my office, but I try not to burn them around the rest of the house because they bother Chris. He doesn't seem as bothered by oils. I like pinning recreations of candle scents I like. You need so many to make them though!

  2. All this great pet stuff. I need to get one of those lights and the hemp oil intrigues me!!

  3. Did the citrus get rid of the popcorn smell? Because there's nothing worse than burnt popcorn - that has to be what Hell smells like

  4. How was the hemp oil. My one cat is THE definition of scaredy-cat.

  5. I want to do more with oils and I think I would like to try the PB crockpot thing! I am big on thank you notes! Love those for kids.

    1. I find oils so much "cleaner" than the scent of candles or wax too. Especially the citrus!

  6. Sorry the dentist book wasn't that great, but those sound like nice ways of familiarizing kids with the places at least. I think Usborne book has some similar ones that might be more interesting.


  7. I'm very interested in that hemp oil for dogs - does it help? We are in the process of adopting a second dog who has some separation anxiety that we are trying to work with. We have some calming chews which kind of help but he still tends to get pretty anxious!

  8. I love the idea of citrus in the spring. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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