January 22, 2021

5 Friday Things 1/22 + 2 Questions

1. Wells had his first dentist appointment ever this week. As I mentioned, I front-loaded dentistry like crazy last weekend and then I bribed him with ice cream. You see, he was already in a bad mood. And while he's a friendly little extrovert to the extreme, he's not fond of doctors. He figured out around 12-15 months that the doctor was where you got shots and he does not go quietly when I take him for check-ups. The dentist was going to be a whole big thing. Especially since I had to physically restrain him to brush his teeth up until about October 2020. 

So...until you have that child who loves everything and everyone, but will pull on you like a dog trying to get out of the vet's office and scream and kick and hit at the same time...maybe you'll try ice cream too. I figure if I can get two dentist appointments out of him a year with some Sonic, I'll do it. I made it very definitive by going through the Sonic drive-thru and he kept saying "I want ice cream..." while I was trying to order. 

And he did earn his ice cream. 

He chatted everyone up, commented on everything he could see, smiled when they took his picture, took Lambie and a dog toy* with him into the office (filed under: battles I'm not fighting), crawled all over the multiple chairs, learned how to press the buttons to make the chair go up and down, danced like Blippi, introduced himself with "I am Wells E!!!", and let the dentist count, brush, AND fluoride his teeth. 

I really had thought he'd forgotten about the ice cream until the second we hit the sidewalk and he said "go get ice cream". So...we got ice cream and that's what he had for dinner. 

*Wells "bought" Scout a toy for Christmas. Scout doesn't care about toys. Wells has since claimed it as his own. It's an alpaca.


Nighttime picture alert

I reluctantly jumped into Thrive Market because there were a few things I wanted so I figured I'd share. Someone was kind enough to share a code with me, so I got 30% off but not the free gift. I think it's a bit of a racket, but I'm not willing to drive all over town, and they do have the best prices for certain items. I browsed a bit and this is what I came up with:

-Organic non-GMO applesauce. For Wells. I normally just buy unsweetened because I'm concerned with the sugar content but I figured this would be the next step. It's not cheap, but it's not expensive. Still cheaper than buying pouches so it's a middle ground between that and the vat of unsweetened Great Value brand. 

-Primal Kitchen Ketchup. For Wells. Maybe for us, if we like it. I don't do lots of ketchup so Wells never experienced it until he was closer to two. I figure if I can make this swap now, good for me. 

-Cacao nibs. The only place I could find these priced decently. For smoothies. 

-Smoked paprika. It's hard to find, so I thought I'd grab some while I was shipping a box anyway.

-Chicken/Maple Jerky Sticks and Blueberry Acai Cookies. For Wells. My goal is to keep better versions of snacks he already seems to enjoy on hand, especially for when we're out of the house. 

-Laundry detergent and dryer sheets. I have been really weird with false/fake smells over the last few years. Since I feel like we do so much laundry (and it's probably nothing compared to those of you with multiple children!), I figured it's best to use the most natural ingredients possible and get rid of the additives. I'll try these, anyway. 

So yeah. Not super exciting. Cheaper than Amazon, for sure, because I did do a few price-checks but I could probably grab any one of these items at Whole Foods if I really wanted them. 

3. Clothes were boring this week. 

Mostly just because I was too lazy to take my coat off, but figured I'd show you anyway. I need to be better about this. 

4. I finished a book. Then I took a book back to the library, untouched, because I'm not sure what I was thinking when I reserved it. Also, I have a library book about raising a Montessori Toddler but I may just grab it from Audible instead. 

It was 100% a page turner.

5. I know the U.S. has been through a lot in the last year. I am always quick to point out that we're *supposed* to be the abnormal ones. WE are the experiment. THIS has never been done before. We should always be proud of that. So for all of you who like Celsius and the metric system, Canada is probably waiting...

I have set aside my weighted blanket for a few reasons. I'm back to multiple comforters. Sigh. 

I've been Zoom teaching all week. ^^^


1. Who has the Peloton app? Do you love it? Why?

2. I need some recipe inspiration. I'm going grocery shopping today. What should I make?


  1. https://cafedelites.com/sheet-pan-lemon-parmesan-garlic-chicken-veggies-milanese/


    ^^^both serious favorites

  2. I had cacao nibs on my list when I placed my order, but they were out. Did you like them? I need to place another order soon! I have the hardest time finding healthier alternatives at stores around here. Whole Foods, Sprouts and Fresh Market are all a good 30-45 minute drive. I am not about that life. That sawdust experiment cracks me up!

    1. I didn't try them yet ha ha.
      And I already canceled my Thrive account; I was honestly disappointed in the size of the packages, based off of how much things cost. It may be better, but I could probably just shop around for the snacks/options I'm looking for.
      And yes, WF, etc is far from here, but it's not impossible. I'm just lazy :)

  3. My sister has the actual peloton and made us accounts to use with our bike. They also have pilates, yoga and other fun stuff. We love it.

  4. What do you think of virtual teaching? Google Classroom? Burrito bowls, egg roll in a bowl, sheet pan suppers - just did turkey sausage, green peppers, onions served with instant mashed potatoes that I doctored, taco salad, buffalo chicken salad, cheeseburger salad.

    1. Some days I do virtual and some days I do in-person. It depends where the need is. The kids were great but it's so hard to pass on information through Zoom sometimes.Especially when you're constantly switching between platforms like curriculum websites. I *like* GC, but there was a definite learning curve!

  5. You already know I have the actual peloton, but I use the app for the other classes so much. Love that you can get in a good workout in a short time. I did this 15 min strength workout two days ago and I’m still more sore from that than the bike ride I did after it.


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