February 4, 2021

Currently in February. {a link-up}

Loving... I really am loving the Peloton app. I see the reason why it's so successful. I found that the cycling instructors must've drank a bit too much motivational juice and that "YOU ARE THE BEST EVER!" self-love nonsense gets to be annoying. I like Cody Rigsby's classes because he's funny, has great playlists, and doesn't throw around the self-help talk.  Also, Emma Lovewell's core challenge is fabulous. 

Reading... I've been feeling unsettled about my Bible reading plan for 2021. I was going to start back at the beginning fo the Old Testament using my new study Bible, just because I really enjoy reading the extra information. Context is everything in the Bible. This is why it's so hard to understand sometimes. 

Then, this was not working. I was falling behind, mostly because that's a LOT of reading each day and listening to the ESV is not nearly as easy or story-like as listening to the NLT, which is what I did in 2020. Actually, I read most of the Old Testament NLT and then listened to a lot of the New Testament. There were a few days where my Bible app just plain old would-not-connect to bluetooth when I was driving and that would set me behind an entire day. I usually listen on my way to work if I can. 

Fortunately, I decided to listen to hour two of The Ben Shapiro Show on Friday; I don't always, but sometimes put it on when I'm making dinner. He had Father Mike Schmitz on as a guest. Father Schmitz is doing a Bible in a Year podcast for 2021. He is not only reading the Bible to you, but summarizes the important points of the reading each day. He has focused on historical context and telling the Bible as a story, and has on a guest who is, basically, a Bible historian to give input and a point-of-view. 

All that to say: This is a fantastic find! Each episode is about 20 minutes. Father Schmitz is relatable and easy to listen to, and I love hearing his thoughts. If YOU are looking for a reading plan for 2021, this is it. It's been #1 on Apple Podcast downloads recently. That's why he was on Ben Shapiro's show, to talk about how people seem to want and crave the Bible right now and this is an accessible way to do so. 

To note: Obviously Father Schmitz is Catholic. I am not. From what I can tell, that's not causing a gap in interpretation. I like this refreshing POV that's not rooted in an ounce of prosperity gospel. I feel like it's harder for Catholicism to fall into prosperity gospel? You have to be so discerning in all that SBC/women's Bible study stuff. It can be exhausting. 

If you are unsure about the Bible, this is the podcast for you. Here's the introductory episode. But really, just download it on your podcast app too!

Remembering... when it wasn't winter and we used to go outside? I miss that. I have no tolerance for the cold this year and I don't know how that appeared out of seemingly nowhere. I also find walking the dogs in the evening so stressful because Wells needs to get bundled up to come along. Last night, it was 50+ degrees. Maybe that'll happen again in a month.

Sharing... my thoughts on independent play. Also, I'm at a loss for what to do with this kid during the day. He doesn't enjoy sensory activities and likes to create his own ways to play so most of what I find via Pinterest is usually a major fail. 

Wish-listing... I am interested in trying out these diamond studs but I'm worried they will bother me because they're cheap? I'm definitely allergic to nickel and my earlobes don't react well to low-quality materials. But they're pretty. I am not interested in buying expensive earrings for myself. I only have 3-4 pairs that I ever wear and they are high-quality from real jewelry stores (all were gifts).

But I grabbed these anyway...

I messed up the order only once, and had to cancel and reorder. I accidentally got the sterling silver instead of the 14k gold post.

Thoughts on cheaper earrings? Can you wear them?

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  1. LOL at the self-love nonsense. I am not a fan either. I prefer Jilian Michaels telling me to get off my fat ass and get to work LOL! Someone was talking about the bible in the year podcast a few days ago and I made a note to check it out. Clearly your post is my reminder sign that I really need to do that.

    1. Yeah that "YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON" garbage from instructors is not what I'm looking for. Plus, people make a big deal about Ally Love's Sunday rides..I haven't tried one but it just seems like secular church.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the bible podcast. That sounds like something I would love. Sometimes I just want the facts, not all the extra stuff that comes with "women's" podcasts/studies. Have a terrific Thursday.

  3. Having Covid, I really wish it was warmer out so I could at least sit on the front porch. Being stuck at home IN THE HOUSE 24/7 is driving me a bit nuts. At any rate, I just hope my family all starts to feel better. Symptoms like to hang on. Ugh.


  4. Here here - for zero winter tolerance. I complain about having to walk the dogs (which, if I'm honest, my husband does 99 percent of the time) but I can only having to bundle up little ones as well. The South is so calling my name!

  5. I love the Peloton app too - Cody is one of my current cycling favorites. And I'm with you on earrings - I don't have interest in expensive ones per se, but sometimes the cheaper ones bother my ears. Usually I just get some from Target and then when the plating on the posts wears off, I just get a new pair :)

  6. Those earrings look beautiful! I have the same reactions, and a nickel allergy as well. I hope those work out, they are so pretty.

    1. They're good so far! I don't wear them in the shower though. There's a necklace I ruined by wearing in the shower..I think it was sterling silver though.

  7. I basically put in a pair of studs and never change them for earrings. Anything else just annoys my ears -- even for a short time. And I might need to get into podcasts just to listen to that Bible one. You're the second (or third) blogger I've heard rave about Father Schmitz.

    I'm belatedly catching up on my "currently" reading :)


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