January 27, 2021

Wednesday, what's up.

What we're eating.... I made tortilla soup on Sunday and, while I'm working on a 'dinners lately' post for next week, I wanted to share that I get three meals out of this one crockpot.

Day 1: soup with tortilla chips/cheese

Day 2: grilled cheese/salad and soup

Day 3: I freeze the rest and we eat it at a later date. 

What I'm reminiscing about... warm weather? Like, I am over winter.  I'm just ready for warmth (but not too hot, of course). We have a snow day today, which is NICE, but it's so complicated when you have things to do, otherwise. I have a dermatologist appointment and still have to have the babysitter come over later. 

What I'm loving... my new phone case! I got this Loopy one and it was worth the money. 

What we've been up to... nothing out of the ordinary. Just, as always, awaiting what the army is going to ask of us next. It is like this giant unspoken elephant in the room at all times. It's so awkward. 

Speaking of awkward...my SIL got me this blanket and I am obsessed with it. Everyone knows it's mine (Wells knows, Scott knows, Jett hasn't even tried), except for Scout. I let him have it when he wants it. Because that's how this household operates. 

What I'm dreading... more winter weather, but I also have a feeling tornado season will be a blast. 

What I'm working on... cranking out true blog content. It takes more thought than it did 8-10 years ago. If anyone can recommend a seamless Wordpress transfer tutorial, I will take it. 

What I'm watching/reading... I finished this book yesterday. If you like moderately suspenseful thrillers with sociopath narrators, the Jane Doe books are for you. It's so weird and there are triggers galore but Jane is oddly endearing. I just like her. 

I also started watching Flack. It's...interesting. I don't know why but I'm such a sucker for anything with Anna Paquin. Like, I'll at least try a few episodes. 

What I'm listening to... The usual. I am listening to nonfiction audiobooks on the weekend (This weekend it was The Quest for Cosmic Justice by Thomas Sowell), and then I listen to Ben Shapiro, Allie Stuckey, and Bachelor recaps during the week. You can't tell me my interests don't vary. 

What I'm wearing... pretty basic when it comes to clothes. And it's cold so I don't care right now. But...

I grabbed a few BeautyCounter products last week so technically I'm wearing them. This C serum is amazing. A lot like the tripeptide one; it's like a filter for your skin. It smooths everything out. In addition, I tried the charcoal mask and the overnight resurfacing peel.* No complaints from me. I hate how much I love their products. 

*I got these two in the "free gift" size for signing up for Band of Beauty. I weighed the cost/benefit there and $30 (with membership perks) was cheaper than buying just one regular sized charcoal mask when I didn't know if I'd love it. 

What I'm doing this weekend... I have a 3-day weekend, so having an extra day to recoup from the week is always nice. 

What I'm looking forward to next month... (I literally could not remember what month it was when I typed this and almost said spring ...LOL, right?) I/we don't really have any plans on the calendar for February unless our orders come through and then we can house-hunt. Seriously though, even an RFO (request for orders) coming through would be a gigantic relief. We're looking at our 4th move in 3 years and while we think-think-think we know where, but army can pull that rug out whenever it wants. If I let myself think about that for more than 6 seconds at a time, I start panicking. 

What else is new... I canceled my Balanced Life Pilates subscription. I had been tossing around the idea for awhile but finally pulled the plug. They asked me why and I told them and they responded with the typical surface-level PC answer I expected. Oh well. For the last year, I'd really only been holding onto it because I was grandfathered in at a really reasonable price. 

Instead, I downloaded the Peloton app because I've decided to become one of those people. I must say: I adore the functionality of it. I'll keep you posted on what I'm doing there. My username is kristineliz (the downside to being one of the later bandwagon jumpers is that your desired username may already be taken). 

In other news, I've taken an Instagram sabbatical and love how my screen time has gone down. I still hop on the browser version once or twice a week just to check for any DMs and I'm "allowing" myself to post whatever I need to post once a week on the app.
It's amazing how I feel like a whole person again. I can't understand some of the people who spend their entire day living post to post (I can give you fantastic examples of a few dislike-follows I have :)
I highly recommend this strategy. 

Are you ready for spring? 
Who else needs an Instagram break?

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  1. How was the Thomas Sowell book? I have a few saved to my GoodReads To Be Read but have never read anything of his. Is audio better?

  2. You got an actual snow day? I thought they all were being virtual days (at least here in STL I thought I heard they'd do that). Not enough to cancel today...yet.

    Funny you should mention tornado season - knock on wood, we didn't have it last year but haven't had the snow that we had last year. I think this is the year for twister...I hope not but we shall see!

  3. I have been using Loopy cases for a few years now and I absolutely love them! They are all I purchase. I have zero creativity right now. I have opened Wordpress a few times to do a post, and I just don't have it in me. Hopefully that comes back soon.

  4. If there isnt a good wordpress transfer post - you need to do it for everyone that wants to change!

  5. They are already making you move? Didn’t you just get there? That is hard. I am the same in regards to spring!

  6. OK maybe my sense of timing is one thing i completely lost in the past shithole of a year but didn't you JUST move ... ?


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