January 25, 2021

This weekend...

 ....Wells had his first Kansas playdate. 

Usually the military is a great place to meet people, but gatherings are pretty limited now and were especially so during the summer when we moved here. There's no FRG or the like happening. I remember telling my counselor long ago that I couldn't just make friends, or friends for him, in a Pittsburgh playgroup and she seemed confused. I need the structure of a military friend group or coworkers who live a similar lifestyle. I need people who understand what our life is like without me having to explain it. They don't need to be in the same place, metaphorically, but it took me months to realize that I had become burnt out and exhausted and numb from explaining things to people in Pittsburgh. It's a bit of an existential experience to constantly be telling people about your past, present, and future, which is what I always ended up doing (as succinctly as possible) when it came to answering questions about army life. People who understand career trajectories, acronyms, and know where locations are without me mentioning base-city-state are usually easier to talk to in real life. 

Okay, that got a little deep. 

Anyway, we also went out to eat and Wells did better than expected, considering he hadn't been in a restaurant since he was 19 months old. He and his new friend shared french fries, mostly. 

... I cleaned the regular coffee pot and ground some beans. Our Keurig is slowly dying. We don't know what we're going to do about that yet. And sometimes I just get the urge to do regular coffee. I know many of you set up your coffee at night but I cannot fathom the idea of adding one more thing to my nightly clean-up/prep routine. 

... I cancelled things. 

 Thrive Market, as I said, isn't worth the membership when I can hunt down the few products I really want (probably the laundry stuff) elsewhere. As for The Balanced Life, it wasn't serving me any more. Most of what she/they post is motivational material and tips/techniques/modifications. Nope. I just want workouts and all of that is pretty much free on Youtube these days. In addition, they've really become a dislike-follow for me over the last few years. 

I kind of want to try the Peloton app. I have had the urge, over the last 6 months, to really get that delayed muscle soreness that you don't get from Pilates. Some people dread DOMS. I love it. I mean, the goal is to get to the point where you don't have it all the time ha ha ha. So, here's to new workouts. 

....I made tortilla soup. I also made a skillet cookie that didn't turn out that well. 

...I listened to this book while I did 6+ loads of laundry. (including put-all-of-that-laundry away)

...and I more or less let Wells do whatever he wanted. 

Thank goodness for independent play skills. 


  1. I completely understand wanting to have a group of military friends. When we were expats living in UK (not the same situation, I know), it helped so much to be surrounded with friends who were in the same situation. Hope you have a good week!

  2. I get it! So happy you had a play date! Just ordered filters in my grocery pick up and I am doing the same. I also did the vinegar thing with my Keurig. Maybe I will have coffee options!

  3. I need to do some 6+ piles of laundry!!!
    I still cant believe my Keurig is still going -we bought a new one just knowing ours was going to go downhill fast (had it over 8 years) & nope... its still going.


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