January 29, 2021

5 on Friday 1/29

 1. What do you think about wardrobe holes? Meaning, you shop specifically for things you need. I told myself I would stay out of the Target this year, when it came to clothes. I actually stopped this last fall when I realized many of the $7 shirts/tanks/etc I'd been buying for the last two years just weren't holding up in my rotation of things I wanted to wear. 

Then, on Wednesday, I had time to kill so I was walking around Target and I found myself going through the clothes because I knew I had a few gaps in my everyday wear. This is where I realized that I was looking for what stores had to offer me, instead of what I needed to look for in the store. It's like the backward version of intentional shopping. I think I started this back in 2012ish, when I'd go into the clearance at Target and just browse when I was bored. I'd found some real steals back then, so you never know when you'll find something great, right?

I got this turtleneck for $10 the other day. It reminds me of the tissue mock turtlenecks that they used to have at the Gap. Maybe they still do? But I used to wear those a lot in the winter because they're not too hot and good for layering. I saw this and, for the price, it fits exactly what I need. I definitely am missing a lot of pieces like this because I got rid of many when I stopped working in 2018...most were just worn out from repeated wear and/or didn't fit the way I wanted any longer. 

I'm not a fan of the $45-tshirt-phenomenon. I don't think things have to be expensive for you to get a lot of wear out of them. But I do think they need to fit well. Most of what I bought from Target in 2020 just didn't excite me with the way it fit. 


I've been doing this a lot lately. Boxed brownie mix (always superior) with homemade peanut butter frosting. It's a horrible habit to have gotten into. 


Speaking of my solo Target trip: I went in there with a giftcard for myself and ended up with a cartful of things for Wells for Valentine's Day...I put most of it back. 
Let it be noted that the next person who buys him something will be maybe ex-communicated and all of the bought item(s) will be donated. 
You can buy him clothes. I'll take clothes for him. 
Any toys are going right back out the door and/or I'm wrapping them up for a future holiday. He will not know of their existence. I'm not even kidding. I packed up a lot of stuff last night in a fit of (what I can only assume is) parental rage. 

4. I will happily get as political as you want me to be in this space. I am the one telling myself that politics are fleeting, and being informed and being permanently annoyed are different things; you can be informed without being permanently annoyed. 

However, if I see you wearing 2+ masks, I may not be able to keep my thoughts to myself. 

5. The Bachelor. I did it: I read the spoilers. I don't know if I meant to, but I found myself on Reality Steve's site the other day and, you know, I was pleasantly surprised by the season's results. However...it also seems like Matt isn't as great as we may perceive him to be. Essentially, RS has all kinds of evidence that the last thing Matt wants to do is settle down. 

And Sarah doesn't seem like she was that great either, according to RS. So...I'll share what I know if you want an email! Truthfully, I just find the season so much more fun to watch when I know the ending. I'm not on anyone's team at this point. They all seem perfectly awful, to tell you the truth. There's no reason to be there, aside from wanting a moderate amount of fame at this point. AND, if you thought Here to Make Friends is normally racist, check out this week's episode. They have a guest who is worse than usual and they spend an awful lot of time classifying women by their race. And I quote "we love to see it" when a black woman gets a group date rose. 

Anywho. Three-day weekend for me and we have a doctor's appointment today for a 2.5 year well-check. Thoughts and prayers. 


  1. Whoa whoa whoa. You go into the Target and you let it tell you what you need. It isn't the other way around, Kristin!!! Hahaha. I am only sort of kidding. But I am with you, I ended up with a pile of Target clothes I ordered last year that I cant wear because I didn't love the fit. Now, I did find one of my favorite dresses from last year there...but most things were duds. I had much better luck at Walmart, surprisingly. I find the clothes that last the longest in my wardrobe tend to come from Nordstrom, Loft, and a few local boutiques. Peanut butter frosting brownies sounds like a deliciously awful habit. Haha.

  2. I miss the Mossimo line at Target. I have some 6-7 year old stuff that I still wear pretty frequently. Their new stuff just sucks and doesn’t fit me well. I did get a tee shirt to wear post partum last summer that I lived in. I’ll give them that. I have an absolutely tiny wardrobe. I never shop for myself, especially now that I’m still losing baby weight and I hate how everything fits, but I was thinking the morning that I’m going to have to suck it up and find some spring/summer clothes this year. I don’t even know where to go anymore!

  3. Too bad we aren't closer...aunt Julie needs to update her toys ;)

  4. I am really struggling with Target right now and I used to LOVE their stuff. Like Michelle said above, I really miss the Mossimo line. I LIVED in Mossimo "basic" t-shirts and would buy them any time they were on sale because they held up to washing/drying and fit so well! Universal Thread/A New Day just do not compare to Mossimo for some reason, hah.

    I just can't with double masks.. wearing one is hard enough.


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