January 4, 2021

Stuff and Things I'm *Glad* I did in 2020

Resolutions aside, I had set no goals for 2020 (that I recollect anyway) so I have nothing to recap. Along with that, I have some personal goals for 2021 and things I hope happen but...if 2020 taught us anything...maybe I won't get too hung up on measures of success. Mostly, I have post-it notes in my planner with things I want to try to get to or accomplish each month. *insert giant shrug here* We'll see what happens.

These are some things I can feel proud about from 2020, though. 

I'm glad I...

Moved halfway across the country. It was good for the soul to discover a new place and settle into a bigger house. 

Went home for Christmas. 

Went back to work. This was very valuable for me. I am in a full-time position but it's not my own classroom and I feel like I half-belong, if that makes sense. This feeling was amplified when the birthday list came out for January and my birthday wasn't on it. While I don't love people knowing my birthday (it's just awkward?), it's just one of those things that makes me feel like I don't *really* belong. 

However, getting dressed and going somewhere and using my brain has been enormously helpful and good for my mental health. I also have learned a LOT. Especially in a year where teachers are refusing to go back to work in many parts of the country(!), I feel like I'm doing my part and no one can say I didn't try. Trust me when I say that being out among the living is good for you and sitting at home alone all day is not. 

Saw a counselor. I did spend the better part of 2020 still talking to the counselor I used to see in Pittsburgh. We did all virtual meetings from March onward, but this was just more convenient for me since her office was 45 minutes away and I used to have to take Wells with me. Covid helped me there. I don't want to say she was enormously over-the-top helpful, but it was a good experience overall. She offered a few bits of wisdom that have stuck with me but that's about it. It was a good year to have a counselor! If you are struggling with the effects of 2020, I recommend it for the new year. 

Got new glasses. Last February, I went to the eye doctor and got a prescription for new glasses. It'd been about 10 years and my old ones were un-wearable because they were too strong. In October, I scratched my cornea and had to wear glasses for almost two weeks. If I wouldn't have had these new glasses (Warby Parker, $95), I'm not exactly sure what I would've done. Definitely my smartest move of 2020, in my personal opinion. 

Took an anti-fungal pill. Oh my gosh, this is weird, but just listen: when I was pregnant, I ended up with a toenail fungus that would not quit. My immune system just stopped in December 2017 and everything that could befall a person, infection-wise, hit me at once. It never got better and eventually got worse, and started to spread. I tried every topical I could find, including prescriptions. Nothing worked. Finally, I talked to my doctor last spring about taking an oral pill. She gave me what I wanted and I had to have bloodwork done twice to check liver function while taking this pill and it was 3 months of taking this thing EVERY DAY but...at the end of 3 months, it worked. It completely and totally worked and I'm so glad I did it. My toenails are completely back to normal. (Okay, maybe this was my smartest move of 2020?)

Read the Bible. The entire Bible. I'm giving myself until January 11th to finish it because I didn't start until January 12th last year. However, I am likely going to start it all over again, with fresh eyes and a different translation on January 13th. I can share details if you'd like! OR, if you have a study to recommend, send it my way. 

What's the very best thing you did or accomplished in 2020?


  1. I need to get new glasses so bad. How did you go about reading the bible? Did you just start at the beginning, or follow along with a program or what?

    1. I used The Bible Recap! http://www.thebiblerecap.com/start

  2. I honestly need to find a counselor. Keith needs one more than me but because of the way he was raised its frowned upon by his family. I've been looking around for this year.

  3. Good for you stepping in the work force when you're needed as a teacher.. & reading teh Bible in a year is impressive. I've done it once but I didnt get much out of it & it was more a checklist & a goal to just get done, make sense? maybe if I read a different version, that's a good idea


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