December 11, 2020

Friday Favorites.

+ I’m oddly proud of myself: I scheduled a proactive doctor’s appointment just to establish care here after two+ years of being in civilian healthcare. I went yesterday and was shockingly and pleasantly surprised at how great the hospital seems to be; the people were nice and it feels so homey to be back in a military hospital. This is SUCH a weird gauge of measurement, I know, but it’s pretty much all I know in my adult life. I’m terrible at vetting doctors (I hate researching anything, really), and I appreciate when I have good experiences in military hospitals. I even went to the records department and filled out all the paperwork to transfer my records and Wells’ records from Wyoming and from Pittsburgh.

no outfit photos this week because it's a bunch of repeats but I have pulled out these sole society boots again from 2016 (similar)

+ I randomly have developed a capsule wardrobe? I’m confused too. I find myself reaching for the same 10-12 items each week and I like it. Brainpower is not something in excess supply when it comes to deviation from a morning routine on purpose. Meaning, when I decide on clothing, it needs to work out the first time. And, I have mentioned this 34 million times but….not picking up random clothing items on every trip to Target or looking for workout clothes constantly at Walmart has really #1 streamlined my Target/Walmart trips and #2 given me pause to think about what I really need in my closet and what I’ll actually wear day-to-day. A lot of what I'm wearing still comes from Target but it's more high-quality items I've had for awhile, not $7 t-shirts.

+ I know y’all don’t like politics but I recommended some favorite “politically homeless” follows this week. To repeat: I know Steven Crowder falls farther into the conservative spectrum, but what I'm really recommending are his Change My Mind videos. It's so great to watch discourse and think about all aspects of a topic, not just be fed talking points. Also, if you want a fantastic interview: watch this Dave Rubin and Larry Elder sit-down from a few years ago. 

+ I wanted to post Bachelorette stuff today but I truly don’t have a chance to watch it during the week right now. I usually watch on the weekends. The Tuesday thing has completely thrown me off too. 
So I will recommend another show: We started watching The Outsider on HBO Max. Kept me up until 10pm on a school night and that was a horrible decision but it’s such a good show. We started The Undoing but I don’t know how I feel about it yet. Thoughts?

+ And an AV adapter. It’s so lame and simple but brings me SO MUCH JOY. You see, I’m too cheap to buy my own, so I use my school one at home on the weekends so I can use a mouse with my MacBook. I also use it when I’m remote teaching because there’s no way a MacBook mousepad can be sufficient for seamless navigation, especially between multiple monitors. Anyway, I put a cheaper one (I don’t need AV function) for just the USB port on my Christmas list. 

I feel like the weeks are going by awful quickly? 


  1. I am laughing out loud about those memes!
    I love those boots!
    Capsule wardrobe sounds great right about now. Are you virtually subbing? What do you think about that? I have a desktop and a laptop and multiple tabs on each. I feel like a space shuttle commander going back from sharing my screen to not, switching from tab to tab. It’s kinda fun! Ha!

    1. I am. The teachers are still at school though, so I have one building and I usually have a different room I'm in each day. Lots of monitors and google classroom and zoom and all of that good stuff.

  2. Hahaha your funnies are on point. The carbonation one especially speaks to me as I am trying to rid the diet soda from my every day diet. Again. I always joke about needing the burn. I have a closet full of clothes, but wear the same things constantly. I really should dive deeper on why I keep the rest.

    1. I need the burn but I need it from fountain Pepsi. It's very specific. My favorite was the gas station near my school in Colorado. I would stop twice a week when I was pregnant for my Pepsi. Ridiculous!

  3. I loved all teh funnies... That would be me with the parmasean. BRING IT ON.
    & I never tire of a Michael Scott meme..
    I'm also sitting here drinking a carbonated water as I read that so I almost snorted it out of my nose.

    Tuesday has messed me up on the Bachelorette too - but its on both Monday AND Tuesday next week!

  4. I want to hear your Bachelorette thoughts! It's been a few years since I've watched but I'm loving this season so far (at least after Clare left..I was never really a fan of hers for some reason). Love all the memes!!


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