December 9, 2020

Favorite Follows: If you're "politically homeless"...

A few weeks ago, when I wrote a political post, I shared what I think but I didn't give a lot of context as to where I got my information. I think it's important to share and spread factual political knowledge, so here we are: I'm going to give a round-up of where I get some opinions on the political news of any given day. 

Truly, my favorite source is usually The Daily Wire. I don't agree with every premise the hosts and writers put out there, but it's a good jumping off point if you generally have a conservative lean. 

What I'm sharing today, though, is a lot of classical liberals (civil liberties under law but with complete economic freedom) and libertarians (the government stays out of most things). A few of them describe themselves as "politically homeless" because everything is so polarized right now. 

Steven Crowder [Facebook, Twitter]

Steven Crowder falls into the more conservative realm for sure, but he's also pretty libertarian in many ways. I am not a fan of his daily show because I despise morning talk radio with the heat of a thousand suns and his show reminds me of that. But his Change My Mind videos are, indeed, mind-changing. I watched the entire backlog a few years ago and have kept up with current episodes ever since. Steven is a fantastic debater and uses discourse with facts and logic. It completely changes the way you think about talking to a person with different political beliefs. Because he's Canadian, he will destroy your universal healthcare argument in a split second. I like that you can't get a lot past him. 

Bridget Phetasy [Twitter]

She's a liberal in California who speaks true common sense. That shouldn't be controversial, but it is these days. She's also a comedian so many of her posts are really funny. 

Dave Rubin <<< Watch this! [Twitter, Facebook]

Another liberal in California. I've never heard a person speak the language of common sense more clearly than Dave Rubin.  His book is on my 2021 non-fiction TBR list. This interview from a year ago with Brandon Tatum is a good one. If you're unfamiliar with him, he's a gay liberal and he's married to a man, and he's been called out repeatedly for being "too conservative". I HIGHLY recommend The Rubin Report on Youtube if you want long-form political discourse. 

Stephen L. Miller [Twitter]

Probably my favorite follow on Twitter for his humor, logic, and quick takes. He writes for The Spectator, NY Post, contributes here, there, and everywhere. He has a podcast too but I've never listened because it's one of those Patreon-only deals. 

Bethany Mandel

A homeschooling Orthodox Jewish mom of four. She has a lot to say about family, school, and (most recently) how lockdowns are not good for any of us and definitely detrimental to our kids. I like reading what she has to share. 

I also follow many liberals and leftists on Twitter (not really on Facebook or Instagram) because I think it's more than important to get the other point of views. 

I could round up my favorite more conservative follows but I have a feeling many of you are in the politically homeless camp right now :/ If you feel that way, check out some of the people I've linked above. They're a fantastic jumping-off point if you don't like the mainstream media but don't consider yourself to be on the right of the political aisle (when it comes to being a supporter of Donald Trump). 

Who is your favorite political follow?


  1. Thanks for posting. I already follow some of these, but added some new ones. Lately, I have been enjoying the Megyn Kelly podcast. She leans right, but has a variety of guests.

  2. Thank you for this, going to check some of these out now. I definitely fall more in the libertarian category and would certainly be considered politically homeless. I just like common sense facts and find it absolutely absurd that they are "controversial" now.

  3. I got rid of Twitter for many reasons, but I really liked Bethany.


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