December 15, 2020

Another weekend recap + The Bachelorette

Blogger wasn't working yesterday in the morning so I'm behind. I can't even remember what day it is, which is unfortunate for a Tuesday, right? I am also seriously considering a switch to WordPress so if you have tips, let me know!

This weekend, I spent all of Saturday deep-cleaning. Actually, Saturday morning. I took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. 

I wanted to do a good pre-Christmas clean, so it'll be nice to have clean carpets and furniture. 

Wells amused himself with Blippi and kinetic sand and trucks and tractors. Scott was out hunting. I will not show you the pictures of the dead geese, but just know that I took 5 or 6 pictures of the two Wells-sized geese that Scott brought home.

Sunday morning, I went to the store early with a toddler. It's nice to get him out of the house, so if I'm only making one stop and it can involve a shopping cart, I usually take him along. Places I don't take him include: post offices, libraries, liquor stores, takeout order pickups, or anything where he cannot readily be restrained because my hands are full. 

I'm really not quite sure where the rest of the weekend went? I did manage to finish two books. What happens when you're always reading 3-4 books at once is that you finish them all at the same time and it makes you feel productive. 

I really liked the beginning a lot. The first 1/3 was fantastic and then, though the story was good, Backman's writing really started to lose steam for me. I hate his style of writing with constant pausing. He does this toward the ends of his books and it's why I never enjoy the whole reading experience. 

This book was a little woo-woo and many are concerned (on Goodreads) that it was written by a man. Well, my only thought there would be that men can be OBGYNs too, so...
However, he was all into functional medicine (and he works for GOOP, gag) and offered a lot of tips on diet, exercise, supplements, etc. 
He also offered up the word self-love up at least 156 times which, also, gag. In my opinion, the basics of taking care of yourself don't equal self-love.
BUT the idea behind it is valuable; that there is this balance that you don't always know how to fix and that you can't figure out after you have a baby. I'm on board for that. I don't necessarily care how the non-Western world responds to postnatal treatment, but I think the first half of this book is worth a read if you are expecting a baby or if you have had a baby in the last few years. 
It's not gospel, but it's worth consideration.  

Other than that...

I wanted to update you on my work bag situation:

I got this laptop bag back in October and then declared it to be not perfect but then I started carrying a newer, lighter computer around and that made all the difference. It fits so well! So I've been using it for weeks and weeks now and it's great. I still wish it were twice the size, so I could fit books, water bottles, and whatnot too. But someone asked me about it yesterday and said they liked it so I thought I'd update you and say it's worth a buy if you're in need of a laptop tote. 

I grabbed this backpack from Target over the weekend (online) and its purpose will be two-fold: I need a larger backpack/purse for next week AND it might make for the perfect size work bag after that. Definitely an impulse buy but I love this brand, I love this style and, to me, it's worth the $30. I wasn't even looking but I saw another person with it and I just loved the way it looked out in the wild. 

Tayshia's dresses were not on point this past week. I could not understand the brown thing, and that white monstrosity? No. 

I didn't like last week's episode all that much but the short version is that I'm still all in on Zac, I feel bad for Ben but I don't like Ben, and I could not care less about this week's Men Tell All. Like, whyyyy? Why do they still do that nonsense? I guess there's a Monday episode that will lead us into hometowns next week ("hometowns" lol) and then the MTA on Tuesday. 

I will say that I think Tayshia has had an amazing crop of guys. I like them so much more than I liked any other groups in recent years. And, while most commentators I follow seem to have really strong Bennett opinions, I don't? I don't get the love and I don't get the hate? He's just...there?


  1. bennett to me is just pure entertainment. He's such an oddity.
    I love Zac too.. hope he wins. Ben, I think something is off there.

    Love that new bag... you'll have to let us know how it works after some wear on it.

  2. Yeah...didn't watch the bachelorette, I may just watch the end haha!

  3. I feel the way you do about Backman. I absolutely hate the terms self love, self care, etc. Gag is right. I also hate girl boss. Drop the girl, stop making it sound less than. Just be boss. You know? I like that backpack! I need to deep clean my house. The cleaning has been the one thing I have let slip. I just cant do it all.


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