December 18, 2020

Friday + Funnies's been a week.

There were some hiccups in travel plans, random house/utility things going wrong, it's been annoyingly cold (which is maybe better than annoyingly hot?), and I still don't have Christmas gifts for approximately one-half of our family members. I still have to stop at the post office today so pray for me (not quite kidding).

I will also concede to popular opinion and the mob here: I don't like the early dark this year. I'm not a light-out-til-9pm-summer-person by any stretch, but I don't like it getting full dark at 5pm because that means we can't walk the dogs after that time, and Wells' bedtime comes up awfully quick. 

So for the first time in years, I agree with you all. 

I don't even have outfits to post because everything I've been wearing lately has been an absolute repeat. And, because the school I work for is currently doing remote/Zoom learning, I just sit behind a desk and talk to kids on a computer screen. If people aren't wearing holiday-themed clothing (teachers have a LOT of holiday-themed clothing, guys), they're wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. So, I just wear whatever. Yesterday's theme was "sweats" and today's is "pajamas" according to the activity schedule. Zoom teaching is so odd, in that the only thing that really matters is if your hair looks okay. 

I did finish two books this week. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and Love Thy Body. Recommend both! 

I don't expect to blog much over the next week but I have some ideas for January and a few pre-scheduled posts for the end of the year. 

I've taken exactly no interesting pictures this week because it's been survival mode around here, so I will leave you with some funny things:

My troubles this week have been heating/furnace related and I just cannot anymore. 
I feel like I worry about temperature more than the average human. 

Happy Christmas vacation!


  1. We are getting our furnace replaced as I type this. You aren’t alone in the struggle. I had stress hives over it last night.

  2. Get the hell out of here Dennis. LOLOLOL It has certainly been a week. I have mostly been on survival mode as well.


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