December 4, 2020

5 Products I Use for Sensitive Skin

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I’ve spent an enormous amount time thinking about skincare over the last several years.

These are the conclusions I’ve come to:

Less is more.

Less scent, less products, less ingredients.

These are the ones I’m currently using every day. I’m not absolutely in love with my skin at all times, but it’s healthier and I’ve actually cut out some foods that I think were exacerbating acne? Over the summer I was stressed out and mad at my skin because it was showing the stress. Things that helped me out in the last few months: Washing my face with cleansers that are unscented, eliminating certain foods (it’s a long story), adding moisturizers, and still using the products I have from the dermatologist in Pittsburgh to treat breakouts. I have a regular old doctor’s appointment here next week, so my plan is to get to a dermatologist referral and find one here sometime soon. 

BeautyCounter. I do use BC products whenever I can. If they make a product for something I need and it’s somewhat reasonable in price, I get it. I don’t like yucky ingredients in my products and I’m also far too lazy to check into things for myself; I figure going with BC gives me a guarantee of something good. 

This serum is amazing. I use it twice a day. It goes on like a light moisturizer. The scrub is also perfect to use as a morning face wash. This scrub has lasted me for months and months and I do use it once a day, so $26 isn't a terrible price, right?

My favorite part of BC is that, along with a guarantee of no bad ingredients, they all just have a light, fresh smell. No harshness. And you can buy these BC products at Sephora now, which is totally what I do because it’s fast and easy. My next up: the Vitamin C Serum and the Charcoal Mask

Cerave. This night cream is. the. best. Highly recommend for all-over or for spot-treating dryness. No scent at all and no breakouts. I use it maybe every other day.

Cetaphil. This is the eye cream I landed on a few weeks ago when I was in the mood for a new one with lots of moisture. It’s fantastic. (A hack my doctor taught me in Pittsburgh was just to use Vaseline/petroleum jelly  around your eyes for extra-extra moisturizing. I do this sometimes before bed and it makes a difference.)

La Roche. I got this facewash at Target because I needed more of an unscented wash, capable of removing makeup. I’d had it bookmarked for awhile and decided to try it. Completely unscented, cleanses off all the grime, and is $14 for a pretty substantial bottle. Win-win-win. I’ll definitely be buying this again. 

What’s your favorite product for sensitive skin? 


  1. Did you have sensitive skin your whole life or just as years have gone by?

  2. I've been using the CeraVe night cream for awhile and really like it also! I have super dry skin in the winter and this stuff helps. I haven't tried any Beauty Counter products before but have heard good things. I've been using The Ordinary products lately and don't have any complaints!

  3. That La Roche wash is what I use in the mornings. My derm recommended it to me a year and a half ago and I have not strayed. I use a cerave gentle hydrating wash at night. I love Elta MD products, which have been amazing on my finicky skin. I use their PM Therapy moisturizer and the face sunscreen. My derm recommended them to me and I bought it from her office the first time and derm store since then. (They do free shipping.)


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