December 2, 2020

Wednesday Things.

 + On Monday, I shared what we got Wells for Christmas (this doesn't include the gifts from grandparents, so it's likely this kid will just get three Christmases again...). 

+ TV shows and movies! We've found a few good ones lately. First up, watch Hillbilly Elegy (Netflix) if you haven't yet. Very good. The book was fantastic too. We also watched Uncle Frank on Amazon and that was such a tragic and heartwarming story at the same time. And, I finally, in my desperation to get to good talked-about TV, downloaded HBO Max to watch The Flight Attendant. Very good. I had no idea Kaley Cuoco could be such a great actress. I believe there's only 3 episodes out, currently. 

We also watch The Mandalorian every Friday (oh my gosh, that sounds so lame, doesn't it?). 

When it comes to The Bachelorette, I really do like Tayshia a lot. I just find it mind-numbingly dumb to watch. I generally listen to The Bachelor Party recap on Wednesdays and then will watch the episode over the weekend. 

I do not care about what my Christmas tree looks like this year. Is that weird? I’ve always cared. It just is what it is until I feel like getting a bigger tree. I thought this would be the year and it’s not the year. 

+ Wells was treated to his first cake pop on Saturday because we made a rare stop to the inside of a Starbucks. I LOVE that he is old enough to enjoy something like this with glee, without making a mess, and not yet smart enough to know how to ask for something like this. It’s the best. Truthfully, I think the cake pops I make might actually taste better. I’d never had a SB one before this past week. I just took a bite to teach him sharing. Can’t just let him think he doesn’t have to share just because we buy him something and hand it to him.

Speaking of expensive, I gotta stop the Daily Harvest. I’ve only placed two orders in the last 3-4 months but, now, Wells is always pointing at the blender and asking for “moothie!!!”. So I need to come up with some creative smoothie recipes of my own. He’s not a fan of my traditional spinach smoothie.

+ My reading life has stalled again. I'm in the middle of a long and emotionally-taxing fiction book so I can't read big chunks at a time. I just find that, at the end of the day, the last thing I feel like doing is reading right now. Blah. This isn't great when I'm trying to meet some year-end reading goals. I'm actually procrastinating adding up the numbers because it'll be disappointing and I don't want to stress myself out. (What a problem, right?)

+ In other news, I believe 2020 was the year I said I was going to curate my wardrobe into only clothes I loved? I can't remember if that was a goal or not. Regardless, I realized the other day that I've completely stopped picking up random clothing items at Target, Old Navy, Walmart, and TJ Maxx. The only clothing I've gotten in the last two months has come from a Stitchfix box and I had another one last week that was kind of disappointing so they are sending me a "free" box this weekend (no styling fee).
I need to do a post on my closet. I've literally been meaning to do this since February of 2019. 

Two sweaters I kept from this last Stitchfix box. 

(Oh my gosh, is it only Wednesday?)


  1. OOO, i can't wait to watch Flight Attendant. Have you started the Undoing?

  2. Those sweaters look cute! I really need to go through my closet again and do one last purge. I did back in April, but I kept a lot of stuff because i was like oh I can wear this when I return to the office. LOLOL return to the office. Yeah that isn't happening for quite some time, so it would be smart to get rid of the stuff I hang on to just because I can wear it to work and not because I like it or feel good in it, you know? Zoe LOVES getting cake pops.

  3. I think there's a freedom in having a tree that's just there & pretty but not perfect or not worrying aobut it being perfect. Just enjoy the ornaments & lights.
    MMMM... I love those cake pops - so gooey


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