December 7, 2020

An old-fashioned weekend recap + The Bachelorette

A dog being disciplined in the distance (Scout. Scout was being disciplined.)

A child refused his nap yesterday (Wells. Wells refused his nap.) so we were able to go for an afternoon walk. 

I tried a bubble foam recipe yesterday and he was not into it. Until I gave him a bowl of water to use to wash off his hands. 

We got this plastic plate at Target and also stopped at Panda Express for takeout because we're super high-brow like that. In the time it took me to change clothes when we got home, Scott had fed Wells, without washing the plate or washing Wells' hands. 
Gotta get that immune system up and running for winter, I suppose. 

Waiting to get tires replaced at Big O Tires 
(maybe that's why he didn't nap? Jk. I don't *think* he drank any)

We are SUPER into kinetic sand these days and, if you want to feel anxiety kick into high gear, let your toddler stuff sand into these little plastic lightbulbs and then try to remove it with a toothpick. This took me like 20 minutes. But I was invested at that point. 

And, happy to report that, I got my weighted blanket on Friday night in the mail. 

I chose this brand because I really wanted one immediately and could not stomach the idea of spending close to $300. You win some, you lose some, I guess. 

But, on Saturday, Scott told me to go to the grocery store during Wells' nap and I said "no, I'll just take him with me later". Scott was confused. I told him I was going to take a nap with my blanket while Wells napped in his crib. 
Literally, that was my plan for Saturday. 
And it was absolutely lovely. 

But, before I fell asleep, I watched most of The Bachelorette....

Thoughts on Tayshia? 

Guys, I really like Zac. 


It may be because he's a bit older but there's something about him. Probably because he has that story of experience. I haven't felt this invested in awhile. This is because I also really like Tayshia. I truly enjoy her. She's not annoying (like Jojo) and she's not a Hannah B. 

When it comes to the other guys, I'm not on a side of the Noah/Bennett thing. I don't like either. I suppose I'm an Ivan fan just because I'm curious why someone so smart (aeronautical engineer) would be on this show in the first place. 

Other than that, I'm so glad they brought in Tayshia. I haven't read any spoilers. RS has been bugging me and I don't even think he has anything anyway. Clare was ridiculous and I could barely cringe my way through her episodes. And as the most unpopular opinion of the day: I didn't even find Dale attractive. Like, I just didn't get the appeal. 


  1. I need to catch up on the Bachelorette...I'm waaay behind!

  2. Wells is such a little cutie! I love Panda Express. Still have to watch last week’s episode of The Bachelorette!

  3. Zoe is obsessed with Kinnetic sand still. I will have to try the bubble foam stuff, that looks fun!

  4. Claire just seems over the top to me - & I thought Dale was OK but the reaction she had? nope - I wish them happiness though.
    I LOVE Taisha. I think she's got a good head on her shoulders - & is GORGEOUS. I'm anxious to see how this plays out.
    Good for you taking that nap.Do you like your blanket? Ricky loved his... until it start giving him back problems!!! Who knew

  5. Tayshia is a class act! So impressed!
    I don’t know who I like from the guys. I go back and forth.
    I would have freaked over not washing the plate but it’s fine I’m sure especially because the food was hot?

  6. I watched the Clare episodes just to see the chaos play out. She was a nightmare to behold. I agree about Dale. He did not thing for me. I haven’t watched since Tayshia joined. I have no reason to not like her, but I just don’t love her. And honestly I just have zero time to watch it these days.


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