November 6, 2020

Non-recommendations on this November Friday

1. Asymmetric pullover

I bought myself one of these Abercrombie pullovers last Christmas and ended up hating it. It wasn't comfortable. The high neck and stiff material in the collar bugged me a lot. I put it in the donate pile :( I mean, I'm glad I got it for 50% so I think I paid $30? But maybe it was too small? It's boxy though and the shoulders are tight. So a size up might've been even less flattering and would probably make me feel like a linebacker. Just all-around no. 

2. Shampoo/conditioner.

I thought I'd try something new. It didn't do anything for me. Left my hair tangled and stringy. Usually, I use Tresemme, which is not high end, but not overly pungent or commercial (like Pantene or something). It cleans the hair and doesn't coat it (Pantene coats your hair, fyi, don't use it).

 Sometimes I mix shampoo/conditioner together with it in order to use up ones I don't love on their own. This fits that category. 

(I got it at Walmart and it was half the price of Amazon. If you can find a beauty product at Walmart, it's always cheaper.)

3. This laptop bag. 

So disappointing. Truthfully, I just didn't feel like it had enough padding. So I've gone back to my backpack. And part of it may be that I have a MacBook Pro to carry; it's heavier. They are switching it out for a MacBook Air soon, so maybe a lighter computer will make a difference. But to carry a charging cord, water bottle, wallet, phone, maybe a wasn't big enough. The straps are pretty supportive though. I may just table it for later. It's a sturdy bag, but not for me right at this moment. Blah. 

4. This isn't something I bought but something I was thinking of buying. Last year, I went on and on about buying Wells his Christmas pajamas. I got him that ^ darling print from Hanna Andersson. This year, I don't like any of their prints. So legitimately disappointing. 

5. Essie. This pains me. I love their colors and their bottles. Their formula and their brushes are a hard no, though. I pulled out a fall color and was so disappointed in the result. Blah. One thick coat plus a top coat lasted for about 4 days. 

What are you NOT recommending this week?


  1. I 100% agree with you on Essie. I want to love them so much, but disappointed with every bottle I have ever purchased from them. Their formula is streaky, application sucks and it lasts like an hour before I have chips. I am not a fan of Pantene or Not Your Mother's either.

    1. Yeah I haven't loved any Not Your Mother's products. It's weird because I'm so attracted to the bottles.

  2. I tried a new frozen Protein bag from Bird's eye. it looked delicious - brocoli & white beans & farzo... but it had the WORST lemon flavor on it. SO GROSS

  3. Replies
    1. I do too because they're so pretty! But no substance there :(


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