November 9, 2020

Photo Catch-Up #4

Gah. These are so out of order. 

A mix of Old Navy, Stitchfix, and Walmart. I don't know how I feel about 70+ degrees in November. 

Old Navy. I just really like the flutter sleeves (it's from spring 2019). Makes for a good Zoom top. 

Old Navy and Target. 

Sheet pan nachos with leftover chicken chili.

My God. You will all get me here: Scott asked if he could put some of his military books on these shelves because he didn't want to buy a bookcase. I said sure...
I came home to find this. He just randomly threw his books in there, all willy-nilly, and even stacked them on top of my TBR pile from the LIBRARY. I'm not even that intense about how I organize my books but this was ab-hor-rent. 

^^ If you need a laugh. I say "western half" because that side of the state expects nothing but such behavior from Philly. 

Scout got a new coat:

Election day necessity. 

More dirt.

And last week? or the week before? It was actually cold out. 


  1. Love that flutter sleeve dress!!! SO CUTE!!!!
    I dont drink but I could have had a beer the past few days myself.
    I need to get a new coat for Zoe - she's so small & old... the Aussies, they're already getting thick winter coats with their fur

  2. Oh I would have hated to see that bookshelf also. Grrr


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