October 17, 2020

5 Friday Things. (now on Saturday)

 1. Kansas City Zoo.

It's such a great place. I highly, highly recommend. We keep going back. 

His first "restaurant" chicken tenders and fries.

2. I ordered a few things from Aerie. Their shipping rivals Amazon and far trumps Gap. These items arrived *early*, within 4 days. 

3. Our TV broke on Prime Day. I'm 99.999% sure this was a scam by Amazon to get us to order a new TV. Scott ordered so I don't even know what he got. We're gone through 3 TVs in 11 years and one of them still works. So not bad, considering we've criss-crossed the country 7 times now. Anyway, this Samsung was bought in 2014ish and had been acting funny (randomly shutting off) for months now. We knew it wouldn't last forever. 

4. I need a face serum. RECOMMENDATIONS???

5. I randomly ordered this tractor book for Wells last week. It's exactly him. My plan is to finish up his "tractor room" this weekend and we'll see if I can show you all next week. 3 bedrooms in 2 years for this kid, so I'm not putting a heck of a lot of money/time into it. 

This was supposed to post yesterday morning but I looked up at my computer clock and saw it was already 6:26am and I had a lot left to do in 34 minutes so ...and last night I was way too tired. 

Also, I have my first head cold of the school year. It's not a bad one, but definitely more than just allergies.

The best thing about being out of the house 5 days a week is knowing I can just sit here all weekend and not feel the least bit guilty about it. 


  1. I've heard that the KC zoo is neat, its only 4 hours away, one day I'll get there! You should take Wells to Crayola sometime too, its in Crown Center in KC.

  2. Your zoo looks fabulous! Aerie does have some pretty good shipping most of the time. What do you want a serum for? There are so many!


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