October 23, 2020

Friday already?

...That went by quickly. 

I ended last weekend by being (accidentally) swiped in the eye by Wells' baseball cap and then spent Sunday night in the ER and out in search of a 24 hour pharmacy. It goes without saying that this absolutely ruined Scott's Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/and so on as well. We never really caught up. 

Aside from the brain-numbing pain of having a scratched cornea, I couldn't do a darn thing to occupy myself except lay down and close my eyes. No screens (not because I was being proactive, but because it hurt too badly), no books, no driving...it's hilarious that the ER doctor (who was actually really great) told me I could go to work Monday and do whatever I felt like doing but I couldn't even function on Monday morning and I'm pretty sure I didn't look in a mirror until Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the ER nurse, separately, told me to just lay in bed under the covers and take hot showers because that's the only thing that helps. 

You can tell which one has had a scratched cornea before.

I suppose this is just what happens though, when you spend your whole life being told that you scratched your dad's cornea when you were 18 months old and he ended up in the emergency room; your kid will do the same to you at some point.

Anywho...I slept most of Monday and for a large chunk of Tuesday morning. Life was an absolute disaster for 2-3 days. What a mess.

Here's a few things I wanted to share though...favorites, if you will. 

1. This nail polish. Silly in the scheme of things, but this LA Colors Gel Polish is at Walmart for $2. I have three colors now. I love the formula and the brush. It's super smooth and lasts for over a week. I'm not exactly a nail expert but the quality is amazing. As much as I love the Essie colors and bottles, I don't like their brushes. The links for this on the website don't seem to match up to what I've actually bought in-store, so just take a stroll through the nail polish the next time you're in Walmart. They do not have it on Amazon or in Target. 

This is "Flurry". It's white and shiny. I don't know why this pic looks gray?

2. Wells' beloved Lambie. I don't know why he developed such an attachment to this thing. I got it at TJ Maxx when he was 8 months old and put it in his Easter basket because it's a lamb...that was the extent of my thought process. Unfortunately, a one-off at TJ Maxx doesn't make something easily replicable a year and a half later and, with his unnatural attachment to this thing, I pretty much live in fear of Lambie being lost. It's all I can do to wash her once a week without him noticing.

Our *delightful* babysitter found duplicate Lambie at a JCP going-out-of-business sale. So now we have TWO LAMBIES. Oh my gosh. The sheer relief. I cannot even. 

Lambie #1, on the right, is indeed a bit well-loved. 


If I'd been thinking about it, I would've made him put on his kind-of Halloween costume before letting him play in the leaves. Instead, he's wearing food-stained Garanimals. Oh well? 
I haven't been feeling "led" to Halloween this year. Anyone else? Like, I don't know what I want to do with it .


Wells did some painting while I was gone this morning. I think I'll pick up some pumpkins for next week to paint? 
Any other e-a-s-y activities you recommend for a two year old? I need something to keep him busy each day! 


  1. If you have some Easter eggs, you can do an egg hunt in the back yard like we are going to do! I got a few little toys, bracelets, and some candy to stick in them for Zoe. Target had little containers of "slime" that isn't sticky at all that I am putting in them too. The past few years we have painted pumpkins with her, and that is what she wants to do this year too. Much easier than carving! And less messy! I need to check out that nail polish. I am not a fan of Essie past their colors. The polish never lasts more than like a day for me and it is super streaky.

    1. The Easter egg idea is fun. He just spends all of his outside time climbing on our lawnmowers though. Nothing deters him away from that.
      I picked up some small "pie" pumpkins and he's going to paint those. We painted one last year and that's what we'll do going forward. Carving is more trouble than it's worth.
      And yes! Essie is never smooth. I love the bottles though and the colors so it's a shame.

  2. Girl, I feel your pain! I've scratched my cornea three times in the past two years. Hurts super bad.


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