September 18, 2020

4 Friday Recommendations

I've been trying to sort out why I call these Friday posts "recommendations" instead of "favorites". I think "favorites" could be anything, such as I got a lot of much-needed sleep this week so that's a favorite! (I did not) or I'm looking forward to Halloween so that's a favorite! (I'm not). 

These are more like things I discovered in the last week that I really like and think you might too. (!)

1. So I drank the  Daily Harvest kool-aid. I mean, kind of. I knew of the company but I heard about it three times in one day last week and thought I would at least look it up. 

The pricing was actually slightly more reasonable than I expected for a few reasons: you can get a hefty discount on your first order (use that referral link up there for $$ off!), you can order when you want (kinda like a Blue Apron thing), and for the variety and exotic ingredients available in these smoothies, the price isn't that bad. 

So I got the box yesterday...9 smoothies for $41, packed in dry-ice. It's a very bougie thing to do, I know. But I'm really trying to eat better these days. Quarantine got the better of us all, right? I've been doing smoothies for lunch lately. I'm not really interested in ordering bowls/snacks/flatbreads.

I tried the Mint Cacao one first and it was definitely good. I really like the richness the cashews add and the crunch of the dark chocolate was kind of perfect. I blended with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. 

I actually split this one with Wells and, as I watched the 2 year-old sip an-originally-$8-smoothie, I kind of wanted to just smack myself for being ridiculous. But he *loved* it.

2. Cobra Kai

I never saw the Karate Kid movies. I think there's more than one? But Scott said Hey, this is supposed to be good... so we watched all of season one this week. Recommend. Very good. 

3. Obsessed with Disappeared

I really liked the True Crime Obsessed podcast and even subscribed for a month so I could get the good stuff under the Patreon backlog. I tried the Obsessed with Disappeared spin-off of sorts this week and it's pretty good. Very funny. Like, I LOL and Scott asks what I'm laughing about. 

This Tara Grinstead episode was good. (I couldn't stand Payne Lindsey so I never got very far on Up & Vanished but Scott liked that podcast.) And the episode about Maura Murray where they talk about back-in-the-day printing out Map Quest directions before you went on a trip like a barnyard animal. That spoke to me.  

4. I also whole-heartedly recommend these sneakers from...Walmart. 


In other news, I've read three really good books in the last week and a half but haven't even gotten around to posting them on Instagram. I'm still doing the Chloe Ting Summer Shred (the jury is out on whether it works). And I recommend getting outside and enjoying the cooler temperatures. 

And, in case you missed it, Scott asked why I had decorated for fall when it was still summer. 


  1. I watch Monica Church on Youtube and she really likes the Daily Harvest smoothies. I'm curious about them, but as you say its a bougie thing. I really don't need to spend the money on.

  2. I see Daily Harvest everywhere. I LOL'd when you said you watched your 2 year old drink an $8 smoothie. You have never seen Karate Kid ????


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