September 21, 2020

Podcasts 1-2-3

Note: if you are looking for any important podcast to listen to this week, this one is it ^^^

If you've read here for any amount of time, you know that podcasts are my thing. I listen every day to all kinds of shows and am always adding new ones to the rotation. These are ones I feel like I haven't talked about before!

1 Podcast I Never Miss:

The Ben Shapiro Show is my go-to podcast. I find that I can get a reliable, evidence-based version of the daily news from him. Obviously, there's a conservative lean, but it's not opinion-based; it's fact-based with video clips, nothing taken out of context, etc. He doesn't go into the philosophical or historical weeds, or wax poetic, like some of the other hosts on his publication. He just gives a good overview of the need-to-know news of the day. Since I pay to subscribe to the Daily Wire, sometimes I watch his two-hour radio show while I'm cooking dinner but not all the time. Sometimes we just need a break from the news of the day.

2 Podcasts I Pick-and-Choose:

Reality Steve can be a good listen. Sometimes he interviews people not from the Bachelor franchise (but from Survivor or Temptation Island or Big Brother) or people I have no interest in hearing from because I don't care (he interviews a lot of random people)..but sometimes the podcast is really good. 

Michael Knowles/Matt Walsh. These are two different shows but both political takes. Depending on the news cycle, I'll listen to Michael Knowles. He gets a bit philosophical and I don't hate that but it can be exhausting sometimes. Matt Walsh is one I actually prefer to follow on Twitter, and his tweets will tell you exactly what the show will be about. I used to listen to him each afternoon when I walked the dogs. 

3 Podcasts I Recommend with Caution:

The Lazy Genius. I know it seems like a harmless and useful treasure trove of advice, but the more I listen, the more I wonder...she defines herself by saying "it's okay" and "you do you"...lazy-genius-ing is a brilliant marketing strategy when self-help is trendy. Most of what she says isn't *that* ground-breaking. But I really liked her episode on skincare. All in all, I am always suspicious when people live and die by the enneagram, especially if they are Christians. She falls into that category. 

True Crime Garage. This is a deep-diving true crime podcast. If you want alllll the information, go for it. Some episodes are more interesting than others so I definitely recommend scrolling for a case that interests you. True crime can be a gruesome genre too, so tread carefully. They're not overly graphic, but it goes with the territory. 

Game of Roses. You must know some of Bachelor nation's idiosyncrasies and facts and figures and characters in order to appreciate it. And you have to fast-forward past the SJW comments and laments at the beginning of each episode (these two do seem like miserable human beings, if you ask me), but I love the way they treat the show like a game and refer to "game play" and "players", and the way they detest Nick Viall...I can get behind that. It's really a fascinating take on the franchise, not just a simple recap. Again, small doses of this show are best. 

What are you listening to these days?


  1. I tried listening to Ben Shapiro but MY GOODNESS.... the speed he talks. It gives me such anxiety. I tried to slow it down & then it just sounded weird LOL

  2. I need to start listening to Ben Shapiro. I have seen some of his YouTube videos and it would be nice to just get the facts and not all the mainstream media crap that tends to lean extreme left and all negative.

  3. I listen to the radio, that's about it! I have been wanting to check out reality steve or bobby bones

  4. I wish I had more time to listen to podcasts. I just don’t. And by the time I’m alone, the last thing I want to do is hear another voice 😅 I love Allie’s podcast, but her voice drives me crazy. I feel bad saying that. Her content is fantastic, but her nasaly voice just irks me. I’ve listened to a few Reality Steve podcasts when he’s had a guest I was interested in (like during the Jordan and Jenna saga). Trey Kennedy’s Correct Opinions podcast is hysterical. It’s my go-to when I want to laugh.

  5. I'm always looking for new podcasts. I'll have to check these out. Thanks!


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