September 16, 2020

WIWW: Leopard Sneakers

 I mentioned that I wasn't going to be spending time browsing at Target for clothes and I wasn't going to be picking up random workout clothes at Walmart anymore. A lot of what I'd get would work once or twice and then just...wouldn't anymore. It was a cycle of disappointment. 

To be honest, this is a huge timesaver. Not having to take a spin through the clothes when I'm there "just in case" is very freeing. 

I did check out the shoes at Walmart a few weeks ago because Wells needs some rain boots. Of course, it's the wrong time of year for that, so there's none in the stores. 

But I noticed these sneakers on Nadine's blog at one point and thought I'd at least see if my local store had them. I even made a note to check when my no-spend month of August was over. 

My store did not have those shoes, but I did see these ones:

I had a pair of camo Keds a few years ago and I adored those things and wore them to death. These looked promising as a substitute this fall (Keds are kind of ridiculously expensive..I'd gotten mine on a clearance). 

My dilemma was that I'd just gotten Wells a pair of camo sneakers so I didn't want to, like, match him, ya know? So I got the leopard print. They have memory foam and were super soft and comfy, but most shoes are 23 seconds into the first wear. 

The thing is, I swore I wouldn't buy random cheap articles of clothing anymore but I, like, really needed some sort of slip-on sneaker. You see, my Target ones from spring are flat-out worn out and I don't actually have any others. I have some footbed sandals and I have some Nikes and that's been my rotation of shoes for the last 4 months. 

So, I grabbed them for $10 and...I wore them to the zoo the next day. I really did need something for a purpose like a trip to the zoo. I don't like wearing sneakers with regular clothes (i.e. not workout clothes).

Long story short: usually it's not recommended to buy a pair of cheap shoes and wear them to walk a few miles pushing a stroller the next day. But this was why I needed them to begin with, so I wore them. And they were fabulous. 

Comfortable. No blisters. No rubbing. Cushiony. 

I highly recommend these $10 shoes. 

I think I'm going to go back and grab them in camo. 

I have a weird thing for camo, I suppose. 

Wells' outfit: shorts, shirt, sandals

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  1. That is awesome that you didn't have any problems with the shoes your first wear! I always hate having to wear them in. Walmart has been stepping up their game lately as far as clothing and shoe options go. I have gotten so many fun pieces over the summer and now for fall that are repeat wears.


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