August 5, 2020

Currently-- August 2020

Choosing... to pop out the door and attempt to get a picture of the sunset when it looks like a good one. 

Monday night

Consuming... books. I'm not hating it. Lately, the only thing I want to do at night is read. I'm always looking for a new thriller-ish book to keep me reading. My favorite time of day is when Wells takes a bath and I can just sit on the floor and read while he plays. 

This is not during bathtime. This is during naptime. 

Here's something that'll make all you bloggers chuckle: a person I know IRL just recommended Big Little Lies on Facebook, saying everyone needs to read it. The BEST part is that everyone is commenting, asking what it's about...

Enjoying... slightly lower temps. I don't know what that's about, but the last few days have been much less humid and a little cooler. It kind of opens up the possibilities to mid-day walks and not-hating being outside. I don't put a lot of hope in it lasting for the rest of August. 

Ordering... I posted my latest Amazon round-up yesterday. I'm doing a No-Spend Challenge for August, just because I haven't done one for years. 

But I ordered groceries this week from Walmart and, instead of the rubbing alcohol wipes that were out of stock, they gave me 100 gauze sponges. Which is not the same. 

But they got my chocolate bars right. 

Remembering... to take a vitamin each day. I lapse out of this habit very quickly it seems.
I've started giving Wells a vitamin too. He takes it without protest. Now when I say "Do you want your vitamin?", he runs over to get it. They're gummy and I do break them in half for him and smush it up a little. 

I don't do SmartyPants for myself. I took the prenatal ones once upon a time and the texture and smell of the SP brand is gag-inducing now. I really like the basic ones from Walmart, to be honest. 


  1. I've been really into thrillers and mysteries these days too. I have other books to read for the blog, etc. but I keep trying to fit in a good mystery as much as I can! Hope you've been reading some good ones. And that's hilarious about the Big Little Lies recommendation. Oh, people...where have you been?


  2. Oh, how I love reading too! I've been really enjoying it lately.

    So glad the temps are slightly lower where you are. We're supposed to get a heatwave her with temps rising to 35 degrees Celsius.

  3. Ha, we have had a couple of pretty weird curbside grocery pickup substitutions over here too - but at least the most essential thing was correct ;-) And we are enjoying some cooler temperatures for a few days too. I don't expect it to last, but I will super enjoy the outdoor running and dining and such while it does. Helping us live in the moment, I guess!

  4. Well, I want to know how to get your yard man to mow at my house - so adorable!! For July I did a no-spend on crafting supplies and was nearly successful. I think in September I need one in all categories except groceries, as I've been ordering sandals and purses as if I was out and about, which I am not.

  5. A no-spend month. That sounds like a I'm not sure I would succeed! Send some of the less humid/cooler temp days this way!!

  6. Your view of Monday Night looks amazing! :) And your choice of books on your Kindle does too! I love thrillers! Too funny about Big Little Lies!

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