August 4, 2020

Amazon lately... + No Spend Month

Moving requires a lot of last minute Amazon purposes. Since Scott and I use the same account kind of independently, I could share some reallllllll random things here today but I have a feeling you're not interested in drywall sanders or car tie-down straps. 

I do think that August would be a f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s month to try a no-spend challenge, in light of everything I feel like I've *had* to buy in the last two months. I don't have specific parameters on that, other than "stop buying things that aren't required for sustenance". I haven't done one of these in possibly's hard with a kid who may need something. 

Our rental doesn't have towel holders in two bathrooms. I bought them. They're not installed yet. 

I ordered coconut oil to use with this gua sha stone. I haven't used the coconut oil yet...I will likely just end up cooking with it (facepalm). My face isn't dry enough to need oil with the stone necessarily.

I saw a blogger/Instagrammer talk about gua sha and that was all it took for me to realize that's what had been missing from my life. It is super relaxing. 

CeraVe Night Cream. I love it. It doesn't make me break out and is super affordable. 

I pre-ordered You're Not Enough (And That's Okay): Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self-Love. It comes out on August 11th. This message is absolutely life-changing. The freedom that comes in knowing I don't have to be enough or rely on myself is just...freeing? If you are struggling, especially in these times of having to work from home, provide childcare/be your child's teacher, etc, please try this book. It is completely counter-cultural in its message; i.e. it goes against every message you hear from your favorite podcasters and bloggers. And that's a GOOD thing. Going with the culture is the easy way to live.

Mouse traps. These are effective at killing. If you're not looking for that in a mouse trap, you probably don't mind mice hanging around. I do very much mind mice hanging around. The only good mouse is a dead mouse.

I ordered a swim diaper because I had intended on swimming lessons for Wells. Then I realized I hate swimming lessons. Then I tried to put the swim diaper on him one day and THEN he threw a fit so massive that I'm pretty relieved I didn't try to put him in a pool for a lesson. He's not a fan of the swim diaper. (Never been used, I'll mail it to you for $5+ shipping if you want it. Size 3T). 

Also, I grabbed a few things from Gap Factory. 

Now, GF is usually much lower quality than the actual Gap. But you know how a lot of people order clothes from Amazon and just kind of think/know they'll fit? That's how I am with The Gap. I generally know how things will look/feel so I will fill up a cart a few times a year and use a holiday weekend's discount code and get some new clothes. Generally this was my habit when I was working. Now...well, I needed some new pajama shorts. 

But there is actually a Gap Factory a few miles from here, so I knew if things didn't fit, I could just take them back there without much hassle on my part. 

I sized up in the dress because the reviews were either amazing or terrible. I expected it to not fit well, but I actually really, really like it. I think it's great for late summer/fall. 

The tank is the modal material but it's perfect for hot days or layering in the fall. 

The PJ shorts are also the modal material. I size up because I like them big. Super comfy. Print and gray.

Anyway, this was all much higher quality that I expected from Gap Factory. Maybe they're getting better? 


  1. I have a roller, but have thought about trying the stone too. Love CeraVe products!

  2. So now I'm curious because I dont know such things - whats the difference with a swim diaper that Wells doesnt like about it? Is it heavier?
    I need to get a good night cream. My face... I'm pretty sure someone will mistaken me for a 85 year old

  3. I want to try the Cerave night cream because I like their daytime lotion with sunscreen. Thanks for the tip on the book. I like her podcast, so I'm sure I'd like her book too. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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