May 14, 2020

Unpopular Opinions III

because the post needed a photo

Dark chocolate is the worst. Salted dark chocolate is sometimes acceptable.

I don't like it when people say they're "under a stay-at-home order until...". Just because your governor sets a stay-at-home order doesn't mean you have to stay at home, no matter what. It gives this authoritarian control to an elected official and that's kind of terrifying. Because, guess what?, when that "order" expires, the virus doesn't go away. The risk is still the same. It just means businesses are allowed to open. Stay at home if you want and feel it's the best choice. Most people have thought this anyway.
Also, just because a state opens up more and more businesses and parks and whatnot, doesn't mean you have to leave your house. People have been recluses by choice for centuries, so no one is forcing you out. Not that anyone is a recluse if they choose to stay home...I stay at home most days anyway, living that it's-more-work-to-take-a-baby-places-than-it-is-to-amuse-him-at-home-all-day life.

Teddy bear sherpa is hideous. Seriously.

Red wine is generally not good.

Holding screen time hostage seems like an unnecessary hassle. It's like junk food, right? If you make it seem like some great reward and make a B-I-G deal out of it, kids will want it more and place more value on a simple episode of PJ Masks or Paw Patrol (or whatever your little one happens to be into). For what it's worth, right now the only screen Wells has access to is the TV. I know my thoughts on this will develop as he develops but I don't see the point in vilifying screens. The constant saying of 5 more minutes or when this episode is over probably gives kids a skewed view of how time works. 

You know those purple pickled onions that authentic ("authentic") Mexican restaurants put on their food? They're disgusting. I don't understand the purpose. It's like one day I went into a Mexican place and, all of a sudden, there's pickled onions on everything. I don't remember this 3 years ago. 

I tried to make these controversial on purpose because there's no fun in this type of post otherwise, right? Believe it or not, I left a couple off the list. I have to save something for next time, after all. 

What's your current most unpopular opinion? 

And all of the Stuff I don't like


  1. Teddy bear sherpa makes me look like I gained about 50 lbs so no thank you

  2. My unpopular opinion is that I LIKE social distancing. I am an introvert and staying home and not socializing is a pleasure for me. I will honestly be sad when it all goes back to normal.

    1. I truly don’t mind it. It takes a bit of pressure off, to be honest, when otherwise I’d be looking for things to do. I feel terrible that people want to go to work and can’t.

  3. I love these posts! I don’t agree on everything but that’s ok. You make a good point on the screen thing.

  4. I don't like wine at all. It's gross! Dark chocolate is OK if it has a flavor or nuts. Dark chocolate alone is too bitter.

  5. I dont understand the wearing sherpa trend either. I think it is very unflattering on and looks sloppy no matter how expensive the item was. I much prefer milk or white chocolate, but while dieting...dark is the only one that really fits. So sad. And I like staying at home. A lot more than I thought I would.

  6. 100% agree about the chocolate. Dark chocolate is basically only tolerable with salted caramel. I also don't understand all the screen time haters.

  7. Oh wow! So I drink primarily red and it's my fave. I used to hate it but after a few wine tours/events, I started finding ones I liked. Dark chocolate depends on the % for me. Anything over 75% is way too bitter. I love pickled onions but I agree.... they became popular out of nowhere.


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