May 15, 2020

5 Friday Things.


I bought this at Walmart because TJ's is too far away. It didn't disappoint. 


I try to take pictures with Scout and he's never cooperative. 


I bought this facewash after my doctor recommended something really mild because of the dermatitis I had under my eyes. It's fantastic and like $7. Also, this is my go-to lotion. It's great to spot-treat dryness on my face. I originally bought it for Wells last year but I use it every day now.
I've also earned myself a referral to dermatology because of this whole issue. 


Blurry, but he was busy "cleaning". I realized yesterday that I have a short list of chores this 22 month old helps with every day: he unloads the dishwasher and puts away dishes in drawers he can reach, he throws away his dirty diapers, he helps feed the dogs, and he gives the dogs their treats and bones each night. 
I'm thinking about teaching him to empty the dryer next but I hate the idea of hauling him into the basement if I'm in a hurry. 

He's going to earn his keep. Especially because we've loosely tossed around the idea of buying something like this for his birthday:

v v loosely

It kind of comes back to: What good is a summer birthday if you can't get something like this?


And a few memes...


  1. That last meme, LOL. Wells definitely needs that tractor! Aldi has an everything but the bagel seasoning that I really like too. So glad more places are offering stuff like this now! TJ's is too far way for me to hit regularly.

  2. We ended up getting a giant bottle of that seasoning online because, TJs is super far for us too and sooo worth it! I really hope you get Wells the tractor so we can get ALL the video updates on IG. That thing is amazing!

  3. Wells is such a good helper! I work for a dermatologist and we recommend Cetaphil, CeraVe, and Vanicream brands. The gentler the better!

  4. We love the bagel seasoning! We get ours from Aldi and add it to everything.


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