May 1, 2020

Tell Me 3 Things...You "can't" live without.

I just finished the book Tell Me Three Things (it was also just okay).

But it made me think about a few things we've bought in the last year that have been life-changing in terms of oh-my-gosh-how-did-i-live-without-this. 

"Can't live without" is incredibly subjective, by the way. It's not a hard and fast rule and this list is not necessary for survival. These are just three items that make life EASY. 

This isn't like "my phone'. This is 3 random things that I use multiple times each day that I can't believe I made it this far in life without:

1. AirPods. These are the best invention ever. I use them to listen to podcasts around the house. I use one when I walk the dogs. I use one while I do yard work and Wells and the dogs play. I use one while I cook or clean or do any of those random things that used to not-quite-bore me but weren't stimulating enough to keep my attention. Previously, I'd just keep my phone nearby, but now I don't need to worry about trying to hear what I may have missed before, because of a child shrieking randomly (This wasn't an issue when he was a baby). 

Also, I connect to my computer when I do Pilates or barre so I don't need to try and hear the computer over the TV (because I almost always watch TV while I work out). I also can play a yoga video on my computer and listen on one AirPod while I do the workout in another room; I don't need to move the laptop. Same with my iPad. They connect to everything so easily! 

I'm finally realizing that I just seem to have the ability to listen to so many multiple sources at once. I can never not be visually, audibly, and kinetically engaged. I need all of that mental stimulation at the same time. It's very strange. 

2. Amazon Fire Stick, connected to the TV. To have allll of Netfix and alllll of Hulu and allll of Prime and the access to anything and everything if we want to purchase's an amazing invention and I will happily be in Amazon's pocket for that first-world luxury. To think: we used to have to check a TV Guide or miss a show forever if we weren't at home, in front of the TV. And there used to be commercials. That's funny, right?

3. Black paper blinds for Wells' room. This is very subjective based on your season of life, but if you have a baby or small child, these are priceless. $23 for a pack and really are black-out blinds. If we were in a permanent home, I'd put curtain rods and curtains over the top to make it look nicer, but slapping these up has meant I don't need to worry about unwanted light this spring/summer and I don't have to use a towel like I did last summer. He has thick, white Venetian blinds on his bedroom window, but they definitely don't block out the light. 

So, tell me three things that you "can't" live without right now.


  1. Your dinner looks great! Sorry you didn't enjoy it. Love Amazon Fire TV! Also, those blinds are a great idea and at a great price!

  2. We have a few fire sticks laying around here, they really are great!!! Our Ninja Coffee bar was life changing. So is the Ninja Air Fryer.

  3. My zero gravity bed...takes the pressure off

    Goldfish...because they arent bad to snack on

    Firestick...because im.sick of the news!

  4. Never heard of the black blinds. Genius!

  5. 1. Coffee Creamer
    2. Roku / Fire Stick
    3. Daily Burn to work out daily


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