May 4, 2020

May Goals...


Just none.

I have a short little list of to-do tasks I work from each week. I have a basket I put random tasks in that need to be completed. I have a monthly calendar that I use to track workouts and appointments. 

There's no need to set up a bunch of random tasks for me to pressure myself into completing. If you are setting up goals this month, that's awesome. I'm just not in the place I assumed I would be in May, so to make goals that have no purpose isn't something I want to do. 

Back to April...

*squints at old post from a month ago, which feels like a year ago, in an attempt to see what I didn't do*

1. I did not take bags to Goodwill because Goodwill is closed. I have bags packed up, ready to go.

2. I did pack-up Easter. I packed up a lot of things actually. Makes me feel like I have some amount of control on an uncontrollable situation. 

3. Finish the 3 books on my nightstand? I can't remember what they were. I did not finish the 3 library books I have and can't yet return because I didn't like them. I did read 4 books in April, so I'll share those next week.

4. I did do an at-home pedicure last week. 

5. Track at-home workouts and keep up with Bible-reading plan. I did this. I am behind by a few days on the Bible but it's 110% better than nothing. 

I blame it on Psalms. They're great for quotes and inspiration but grasping context from Psalms is hard. 

Hopefully, in June, things will be moving forward and I'll be annoyed that I *didn't* set May goals. 

Goals for May? Worth it? 

(also, this new Blogger dashboard: hate it so much)


  1. That Psalm meme... that made me snort laugh.
    I have ZERO goals for all of 2020 at this point

  2. I was thinking of goals too and its like nope, nothing really until later this year I guess.

    One positive for me is that with all this in 2020, when I do get around to scrapbooking it, it won't be as long haha!

  3. I also have had some duds for library books that I can't return. I also hate the new blogger dashboard. I set a few small May goals.

  4. I am right there with you - my daily goal is to survive LOL! xo, Biana BlovedBoston


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