May 5, 2020

Retail Therapy + Amazon buys

I don't know about you, but when I get bored, I online shop. Even just online browse. There's something comforting about it. While I don't like that we've had to spend a lot of time, energy, and money on basic necessities in the last two months (who knew stocking up on Pedialyte and dry milk, just in case, was so expensive?), I do find myself turning to the basics of retail therapy in these uncertain times.

I've had my eye on an MZ Wallace bag for years. The original one I really liked back in 2016(?) isn't sold any longer, but this one is pretty great. I prefer nylon/cloth to leather almost always. I called it a Mother's Day present. 

I joined Book of the Month, meaning a new-release book is delivered to me each month. Previously, this is something I somewhat scoffed at because I, as a rule, don't buy books. The potential clutter of having books I don't love on my shelf bothers me. But it's probably a nice way to treat myself during a spring/summer when I know I won't be getting hardcovers from the library like I did last year and I won't be spending money on pedicures. I also got my mom a subscription for Mother's Day.
(that's an affiliate link ^^^)

I noticed that Nexxus products were on sale on the Target app, so I ordered purple shampoo and conditioner. I maintain whole-heartedly that I don't have a lot in the way of skillsets, but the most useful thing I ever learned how to do was highlight my own hair. Aside from being a nurse or a doctor or a teacher (another win!), can you think of something else that would be just as important during these times of quarantine? (I'm kidding..kind of).

And Oreos. If you're not buying Double Stuf, you're doing it wrong.

I had gotten a zipper clutch from Nordstrom Rack a few years ago and it's proven very helpful as a pocket in whatever tote I'm using at the time. I started looking for another since that first one is a bit worn out. I grabbed this one for $14 and it'll do the job and, honestly, be a nice summery clutch if I have the occasion for such an item. I don't love the cork trim, but I do like the green pattern a lot. This was a purposeful impulse buy; I rarely do this, but I can think of lots of uses for this bag.

And, in a moment of sheer boredom and need for change, I set up a Stitchfix box. Should be here this week. I'll let you know how it goes. 

I also have this new tradition I'm starting for Wells. Since he was born in Wyoming and we only really lived there for several months, he's getting Wyoming gear for each birthday. That isn't until July, but I figured I'd be prepared. 
Might as well grab some shirts for Scott and me too. 

And moving on to what I've gotten from Amazon's a long list..

+Two different types of picture frames for Mother's Day gifts. 8x10 and 5x7. I always, always buy frames on Amazon now. The idea of browsing for frames is pointless. I was impressed with the quality of these ones. 
+Dishwand sponges. I forgot these on the weekly Walmart trip.
+New mascara. My old one was 3+ months old and I was concerned about an eye infection so I just tossed it.
+Moving storage bags. We have about 20 of these and use them for clothes when we move. It's so much more efficient than using cardboard boxes or totes.
+New sleepsack. I love this one. It's perfect for summer. 
+Allergy pills that I DO NOT RECOMMEND. I was in a state of fatigue for a full 24 hours after I took one. Don't do it. The description says non-drowsy so that's a joke. 
+Plastic balls for the ball pit. This is the pit I got but it didn't come with the plastic balls. (also, I remember very clearly that the pit was $25 and the balls were $29, so prices have gone up :( )
+Vacuum. I really like this one so far. Especially for that price. After two moves, our Shark had had it. 

What are you buying these days? 

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  1. I've looked at MZ Wallace bags in the past and never bit the bullet. I love the style you picked. Enjoy BOTM, I did it for a while but library books always had to win out. I have 5 more BOTM left unread on my shelf that I might get to as our Stay at Home Orders are still in effect.

  2. Cant wait to see what you get with Stitch Fix.
    I have been bouncing back & forth the idea of teh book club subscription. It would be a fun summer thing to do!

  3. I feel the same way you do about books, I just dont like the clutter. But I have been considering book of the month for awhile. That clutch is so cute! And you now have me craving oreos!

  4. I saw something advertised today and I was like oh that's cute but I didnt want to break my not intentional no buy time right now ha.
    I've thought about joining a book of the month club but like you I dont need any more books!

  5. That ball pit looks fun!! I like the Wyoming gear birthday tradition idea!

  6. Double stuffed are a best. Nothing compares! I love Book of the Month. I got did an add on this month!

  7. Oreos were my number one treat during quarantine until I cut out soy and I miss them so much! (it's the little things, lol). Palm print makes me happy, and such a fun tradition to have with Wells for his birthday with the Wyoming gear.

  8. Is there a link for that little palm print clutch? I love that!


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