April 30, 2020

Week 7

I kinda skipped Week 6 of quarantine because last week was annoying me. This week was annoying me too..aren't they all, right? But here we are. None of these are particularly great pictures but for posterity's sake...

Scott sewed us masks. I've only worn it to the grocery store and that's because they check you for one before you go in. 50% of the people, I've noticed, wear them incorrectly and 30% of the other 50% pull them down when they go to speak to someone. 

Does not want to come inside. Ever.

Went for a walk on a river-side trail

I don't know why you'd want to buy a boat this expensive and park it on the Allegheny River?

But it was such a pretty area that I kind of forgot we were in Pittsburgh (sorry, yinz).

He ate a protein bar with a screwdriver as a utensil the other day. I just looked in at him and it was happening.

I bought this pre-made margarita mix and 10/10 recommend. It's a good one. I think it was $13.

I would say we try to grill once a week or so. It's nice to use up what's in the deep-freeze. 

Wells enjoyed some Wyoming antelope.

Chicken for me, salmon for Scott.

Alright. There are days I would give a limb to be back in Colorado. Not for me, but for Scott and the dogs. They all need that place. But...I keep Colorado Springs on my weather app and I check it every so often and when I see Red Flag warnings (often), I am reminded that I couldn't function under that kind of stress again. 

Veggies and couscous. 

There's nothing better than a pile of roasted gnocchi with veggies and parmesan. This was the last of the tomatoes. Usually I'd add more than this. 

Blowing bubbles for him to stomp.

In case you missed it, I had an EASY pizza recipe on Monday and a collaboration with Photowall on Tuesday (with a discount code for you!). 


  1. Is this frozen gnocchi? Looks great! And your grilled meats and couscous do, too!

  2. Bubbles make everything better.
    I LOATHE when I see people with a mask on & its below their nose or they pull it down - shows the smarts of people

  3. That gnocchi looks so delicious! I could go for a strawberry margarita right now!

  4. Yeah, those masks don't work if you pull them down! Goodness gracious!! Glad you got out for a walk. It looks really beautiful! I'm from Pennsylvania. It's a really old state with really old stuff, but it's beautiful and unique.

  5. I keep seeing that margarita stuff popping around, may have to get my hands on a bottle

  6. That gnocchi dinner you made looks so good!!

  7. OK i guess I didn't follow you back in CO days, but I clicked back to re-read that post ... YIKES.


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