March 11, 2020

Happy birthday to Jett-Jett!

Yesterday was Jett's birthday.

He would not oblige me with a photo.

Scout did. He knows the drill.

Salmon for dinner.

Here's some poorly-lit pictures of Scout meeting Jett back in 2014. 

A few days later, they had kind of become friends. 

Then Scout spent some time contemplating his life and how this had happened to him. 

But Colorado was really the only home Jett has known. We moved there after we'd had him for about 3 weeks. When we started living part-time in Laramie, he'd never seen a squirrel or had a neighbor or..wait for it...walked on a leash. Aside from a few realllllly terrible park/trail experiences when we first got to Colorado, we only used leashes for vet visits. #practicallyferal

Jett is the best dog you'd ever want by your side if you're outdoors. He doesn't leave you for a minute. He guards the stroller. He stays so close it is a hinderance to your own safety (meaning you will trip over him). He has "potential" to hunt. He just is too smart and uses his spent energy wisely; mostly on chasing rabbits and picking up whatever bird Scout has run back with or swam out to get and claiming it as his own.
He still loves to eat more than anything and tolerates Wells better than we expected he would. 
We love him dearly. 

His food-coma, after he got into the dog food bag at 9 weeks old and ate his fill when we weren't paying attention. 


  1. Ahhh - Happy Birthday little baby!!! Salmon - a good ole birthday treat!

  2. Happy birthday Jett - hope your humans gave you something sweet! ;)


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