March 13, 2020

Friday screenshots.

It's been a hard week, mentally. Along with coronavirus trepidation, it's just been...hard. I'm going to leave that vague-blog statement there, unapologetically. Oh well?

They say to stay home if you're sick, and Wells had a runny nose last week and had a low fever on and off for two days this we stayed home. I also had a sore throat on Wednesday. So we stayed home. This has been the most tedious week in quite awhile. I didn't exactly think we had coronavirus, but I also didn't want to be out and about if we were sick AND I didn't want him to pick up anything else. There's a lot of germs out there, even if they aren't coronavirus-related and it seems like getting sick with anything else wouldn't be an easy trip to the doctor's office.

To be honest, at this moment, I'm more worried about boredom and running out of snack food than I am about getting sick (we're all better now, btw).


My thoughts on this week can be summarized as follows:

This episode had some good points. I liked it a lot ...and you can see I was listening while I folded laundry at 8am.

And this one. Absolutely hilarious.

Thoughts to share?


  1. I have been finding ALLLLLL the podcasts about that Barb FINASCO on the finale!!!!!
    All the coronavirus crazies are happening around here. We have a few people confirmed with it - of course, they ALL work in the same block I do & everyone is now horrified to go out to lunch

  2. This week has been a doozy in the worst way. I love all those screenshots! Barb was a good (in a bad way) distraction from a ridiculous week.

  3. "Running out of snacks" is a serious concern with a toddler on the loose...I get it!

  4. I feel like I definitely don't have enough snacks to keep us going for three weeks. EEK!

  5. Hope you're surviving this week so far! We just found out our daycare closed so I'm dreading attempting to tag team watching Connor while both my husband and I WFH. Thankfully I can always go back to The Bachelor tweets hahaha. What a ridiculous mess...


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