January 15, 2020

SAHM Clothes

It's a struggle.

A dumb struggle.

But a struggle.

Last week, we had a playdate.

I considered, very briefly, wearing jeans, because I'm really questioning the idea that any friends I do have only ever see me in leggings.

Then, I realized they were my good jeans and there was no way I was washing jeans after sitting on the floor at someone else's house all afternoon because you don't wash Madewell jeans unless you have to. I don't anyway. (And I'm SUPER weird in that I even wash my socks after they've been on someone else's floor. I don't know where this comes from. I wear slippers in my own house.)

Leggings it was.

Leggings // Sweatshirt is from Costco. 
They don't have it anymore, but it's heavy and soft and I'm impressed with the quality for whatever it cost..probably $12.

I really miss wearing skirts. Like, intensely miss it.

There's nothing stopping me, really, from pulling out leggings/skirts/dresses. I do feel like I'll look dumb? Like, why would I be wearing a skirt or a dress? It would be much more functional than jeans, because I feel like I'm constantly readjusting jeans and you readjust a lot when you're hauling around a toddler.

Again with the dumb struggle thing. This is not an actual problem.

I was briefly considering a skirt/dress challenge in February. I mean, why not?

The truth: For the last 3 months of pregnancy two years ago, I never pulled on a pair of pants. I wore dresses/leggings/shorts exclusively from about 30 weeks on. It's just how I'm naturally more comfortable. << that fact kind of proves it, because you likely revert to your natural state of comfort during the end of pregnancy.

Anyway, skirt/dress challenge? Dumb idea? I know leggings and sweatshirts is "the dream", but it gets to be boring after a bit.

(After re-reading this, I should probably say "dumb" again just to get my point across.)


  1. I actually wore dresses & skirts so many days... now, I'm all about jeans & leggings myself. I go through moods.
    The SAHM life of athleisure does tend to be the dream though :)

  2. Do the skirt dress challenge! If nothing else it will force you to evaluate before packing an item!


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