January 16, 2020

Stuff and Things 1/16

+My goal is to clean off my phone this weekend, concerning pictures. I can't deal with the iCloud situation any longer. I have everything automatically uploading to Google photos. I need to stop being fearful of losing everything.

Tried to take 18 month pictures. It went as well as expected. 

+I think our good weather streak is about to end, but we've been attempting to just play in the yard a lot of days. Yesterday, we watched planes and he'd stop smiling and pointing as soon as I took the camera out. 

+Yoga begets yoga. I started, as I start most Januarys (Januaries?), with the intention of doing yoga every day if I could. The more I do, the more I crave it.

So, for now, I'm easily keeping up with the yoga. SarahBeth Yoga is wonderful. And I've also done some Yoga with Adriene.

I want to go around suggesting them to people IRL, but I feel like that's weird?

That's why I have a blog, I guess.

+And I have to mention/vent: I don't get these for sale or trade groups on Facebook. I hatehatehate that my newsfeed is just allthegroups, allthetime. People are ridiculous too. I've mentioned before that I don't understand a lot these people, but I've noticed a trend: many say "my husband said no" when it comes to "I may want it" as a response. They'll come back with the husband excuse later. Is that for real? I cannot imagine even telling Scott I was stopping by someone's porch to pick up a potty training book or a free shelf or...something? I told him when I sold a stroller and the bouncer, really just for the purpose of safety, so he knew I was going somewhere to meet someone.

All this to say, I'm trying to get rid of our Christmas tree because I don't want to move the ginormous box again and setting up that tree is a lot of work for a non-pre-lit tree. I hate stringing lights on a tree.
Someone wanted it and then said her husband said no. It's free.

+Speaking of...if you want this devotional, let me know. It's like new. I'm just not going to use it. I bought it myself and got about 1/3 of the way through before I moved onto a Bible-reading plan.

+I must be having some sort of crisis because I cut off of all my hair the other day. 

+I haven't even watched the whole Bachelor episode yet this week because I just haven't had the uninterrupted time. But I listened to this and, again, I'm no Nick fan: but he has wise words for the Hannah Brown stans. Basically, move on. 

+I went to bed at 8:30 last night. Scott was asleep by 8:00. So that's how things are going around here. 

This is what the entire week has looked like. 


  1. I am also sad that the weather is about to turn since it has been gorgeous outside here in NC. Your selling woes are crazy. I get changing your mind due to space restrictions but not "my husband says no." I like the new hair as well!

  2. Love your hair! I agree on your Bachelor thoughts and on the free online things. Hub doesn’t want to deal with strangers. I choose the lazy route which is Goodwill right by my house. Hub wants to donate elsewhere but he isn’t willing to do that chore for me. Maybe a neighbor would want the tree? Are you on that neighborhood app? It’s annoying but might work for this type of thing. I should do yoga!


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