September 13, 2019

5 on Friday: New sheets, long week, and funnies.

It's been a long week. I actually thought yesterday was Friday multiple times. I just feel like I had a million things to do and never enough time to do it all. I got a flu shot, which led to a nasty histamine reaction on my arm (that hasn't gone away), and I feel like I hauled Wells all over the place...meaning, I had to repack his bag with new toys and snacks and drinks every day (twice on Wednesday).

1.  I ordered new sheets.
TMI: I've had night sweats on and off since I had a baby. It just never has completely gotten better. Usually it doesn't happen when I'm not at home, though. Which led me to believe that maybe I just needed better sheets. This isn't a claim that better sheets solve night sweats. I was assured that "eventually" they'd go away. BUT after using these tencel sheets for the last week, it hasn't happened once. So I consider that a win.

I actually hadn't bought new sheets since 2016. We bought our king bed at the end of 2014 and, when I sent Scott to Walmart the day it was delivered to get a few things, he came back with the best cotton sheets Walmart had (which still weren't exactly cheap) because I'd completely forgotten that "oh yeah, we'll need different sheets because we only have queen-sized ones". So that's what I've been using since them and we also have nice flannel sheets and a duvet I invested in back in 2016, but flannel sheets are a 100% no-go if I'm sweating at night and, plus, it's still annoyingly hot in the northeast.

Anyway. Tencel sheets. These weren't the most expensive but they had good reviews and I'm very pleased with them. If you're looking to give this material/style a try without spending $300, try them.

2. I'm having blog comment issues. There's so many ("so many" used loosely here) no-reply ones that go to "blogger spam" and I don't find them until I go into my moderation page? It's confusing. Still better than Disqus, though, because I like to reply through email. But yeah, it's an issue. I get way too much spam not to moderate. But I hate that I can't reply to no-reply comments. So if I ever don't reply to comments, this is why.

3. I made this the other night and it will be a repeat for sure. I used fresh corn and cotija cheese, but those were the only changes I made. I recommend eating it with tortilla chips.

4. Fall has not arrived. This was when I first turned on my car but, in all fairness, it only cooled down to 94 degrees by the time I arrived home and this was at 5pm. Not very September-ish.

5. Because it's been a long week...

The weekend looks a lot like last weekend, to be honest. But hey, maybe I'll finish a book, so my reading in general can look better come next month. 

Oh, no BIP anything this week because holy boring. I have no thoughts and opinions about any of what I half-watched. 


  1. I made a blogger account specifically so I could comment on people's blogs and have them be able to reply to me by email but I was recently told that I'm showing up as "no reply" even though I've set it up to show my email address and now I have no idea what to do!

  2. I honestly snorted laughed at your funnies!! That live streaming one is hilarious!! That'd be me... but I dont even have the one friend to watch :) LOL
    & that 2am eating... BAHAHAHAHA
    I've had so many issues with the no-reply - I think Blogger goes through & changes people without anyone knowing & that's so aggravating!!!! I do enjoy being back to blogger from disqus for the email more private responses - but hate I cant get back to everyone that way too.

  3. I love all your memes! hahahaha! I need those sheets!!!! I have terrible night sweats. I have no idea why.

  4. dont even get me started with the blog comments issue. i just stopped getting email notifications for comments one day!

  5. I am still waiting on fall over here too. Why is it so hot?!? I know I show up as a no reply blogger. It’s so frustrating!!! I’ve had my blogger account for 7-8 years and why it’s an issue all of a sudden is beyond me?! That corn looks so good!!


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