September 9, 2019

It's still summer, I think.

Saturday was a little weird because Scott had to work. I kept a regular schedule for us, though I usually mix things up a bit on the weekends. I'm really trying to nail down a nap schedule because, even though I don't want it, Wells is starting to migrate in the direction of one nap. He'll take a nice morning nap, sure, no matter what, but then he'll miss his afternoon nap or skip it or will just roll around and yell in his crib for an hour.

On Sunday, we kept him busy all morning and then he did nap from 12:30-3:00, which was what "they" say he should do, ideally, on a one-nap schedule. Basically, I did some research and discovered that, at now 14 months, he should be having 4-5 hours of awake time before bed. I've moved his bedtime to 7:30 (it was 8:00), which means there's literally not enough time in the day for two naps.


I could talk about sleep all day. And I probably will in a future blog post.

I splurged in Target on things I never generally buy anymore: I needed some structure in the form of a devotional and I think Lysa TerKeurst is pretty credible, right? I mean, she's no Beth Moore, if you know what I'm saying. 

Also, I feel the pull to go the paper planner route and this one looked serviceable. 

I listened to this most of the weekend when I was cleaning. If you have kids of any age or are a teacher, it's a must. They have two seasons. I haven't listened to season one yet.

We went to a park near our house and played for a bit. I think now that he's walking, I'll take him there a few days a week just for something to do. Even a lot in the winter, to be honest. He's gotta be tougher than the $800/40 classes toddler gym I looked at. I spent a lot of time with Alaska kids, so he's not going to be too coddled. 

My parents gave me this geranium on Memorial Day weekend and it's died and come back like three times at this point. It's still looking good. 

Fall definitely arrives here sooner than I remember.

No picture but we went to the only pho restaurant within a 100 mile radius last night (just kidding, there might be a couple downtown but we don't live downtown and I'm not doing that at dinnertime with a toddler). It was okay? I mean, the pho/bun bowls are the #3 thing I miss about Colorado. And I only miss like 4 things about Colorado. 

We've been staying up late watching Four Weddings and a Funeral each night. Last night, I decided I just had to go to bed early because I couldn't stand it anymore. I left Scott on the couch with this game at halftime. I'm really glad I didn't stay up. 


  1. I have that devotional and love it so much! I used to read it each day but definitely need to get back into the habit again!

    Just found your blog this morning and am excited to read along!

  2. I'm doing that devotional myself right now & LOVEEEE it!

  3. I was so very sad about that game last night! UGH UGH UGH! This could be a long season if things do change! I love Pho also - that is what I miss most about Canada - they have Pho everywhere there!!!! HUGS

  4. I think you will grow to like one nap. You can do things after breakfast and be sure that he will be worn out. I like the idea of going to a park almost every day. You can also do school playgrounds on weekends. I used to try as many playgrounds as we could. I need a new devotional for my mornings and I have to have a paper planner! Using a Rae Dunn from TJ Maxx right now.


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