September 6, 2019

5 on Friday: Bunnies, Pilates, and BIP

1. This past weekend, we went to my parents' house because Scott had a 4-day weekend. He was actually in Florida from Monday night to Thursday night for hurricane preparedness (a surprise trip), was given his weekend in Pennsylvania, and then thought he'd be going back this week. Luckily, he didn't have to but I suppose it's always on the table for next week. Sigh.

2. Jett killed a rabbit the other night. The bunnies in our yard constantly tease him/them. On Wednesday evening, as the dogs sometimes do, he was caught on the other side of our "fence" and I assumed he'd gotten stuck over there. He just peered out, around the bush, looking at me. I thought he was being obstinate and called for Scott, who luckily was home. Scott went out there to lift the fence up for him (he'd gone under it) and there was Jett, sitting proudly with his kill. He'd just refused to leave it. So Scott let him run around the yard with this dead bunny for a bit.

[No picture. But I'll never get the image of Jett trotting around proudly with a bunny in his mouth out of my head. ]

This is when I should tell the story of when, last fall in Colorado, Scott was loading up the truck at 3am to drive to Wyoming in the dark (I was in Wyoming) and the dogs were running around the yard. He called for them to get in the truck and Jett jumped up and dropped a dead bunny in his lap. Scott yelled and threw it out the door and Jett jumped back out and grabbed it again. Like, he was just going to take it along for the long 4 hour drive so he had something to play with.

3. Pilates Challenge.

The Balanced Life is starting a free 10-day Pilates challenge next week. My workout game has for a while. "Multiple reasons" is my excuse, the way it's the excuse for everyone. For awhile there, I was doing really well with 30 minute Pilates videos almost every day. Then it turned into I-don't-have-time-and-or-energy for a long video (well, I do, but we all use our free time differently) so I just started skipping it. Then, this week, I told myself I had to start back up with 10 or 15 minutes a day. If I do it during morning naptime, it's finished and I can just move on with my day.

The point is: this challenge is designed to demonstrate that 10-15 minutes a day is enough if you're trying to build a habit. I promise it's enough. It's kind of marketed as an easy way to add in self-care to the hustle and bustle of fall ("self-care" is kind of a horrible word, but that's an opinion for another day).

But if you're looking to add something efficient and effective into your day and don't have time to go to the gym, this is a good start! I'm using it as a way to reset my routine.

Sign up here!

4. We watched Three Identical Strangers the other night. I had heard it recommended on The Popcast a year ago but, at that time, you had to pay to watch it on Amazon or something. This time it's on Hulu. I fell asleep but finished it the next night. It's fine. It's really sad. I didn't like the ending premise of "anyone could have a twin". No. Not anyone could have a twin. 98% of us would know if we had a twin.

Also, we started Four Weddings and a Funeral, the series, on Hulu last night. I thought it was really funny and smartly written. I never liked The Mindy Project but Mindy Kaling did this show too. I like her well enough, but I just didn't like her flagship show.

5. BIP.

If I hear the word "clarity" one more time...

It's the new "right reasons". You don't need "clarity". That is code for "I need to go on a date with someone else and really want to get my bang for my buck out of this experience and you never know because someone better might come along". How millenial of them all.

I never thought I'd feel bad for one of the twins, but I felt bad for Haley. It was pretty humorous the way she lamented all of her problems to Blake, of all the people on that beach.

Speaking of Blake, he's really the funny part of the season. Kristina is playing the role of "suspicious Russian" well.

And, per usual, on HTMF, they defended Derek to the hilt. Just because he's a regular guest on their show and gives them an iota of credibility because they can get an "alum" on the podcast. Never mind the fact that they spent full minutes complaining about Chase. Chase and Derek are pretty much identical in making this franchise their careers and riding out those 3rd and 5th place finishes (I think?) from 3+ years ago for as long as possible. Plus, Derek has ghosted girls in the franchise and/or screwed them over, which is something you'd think Emma and Claire would ask him about or have a problem with in a general sense.

But anyway.

There's a toddler running around with my $5 sunglasses and if he breaks them, I'll need to go to the store today because I can't function without sunglasses.

The plan this weekend is to decorate for fall.

Approaching the beast. Scout does not like mobile Wells.
But at least Scout does not randomly kill woodland creatures in the backyard.


  1. Isnt Four Weddings + a funeral cute??? ... I really enjoyed 3 Identical Strangers. Funny, I didnt get that "anyone could have a twin" takeaway as much as how scientist just played games with these people's lives. Didnt they say there were probably only 4 other sets of twins out there that didnt know about one another? ... I think its nuts how they are waiting till they are all basically dead to release the data.How can they not get a judge to open that up????
    umm... thank you for not posting that bunny in a mouth pic. LOL!
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Jett is good... My family's dog liked to chase the bunnies but he could never catch one. Mind you , he was a Yorkshire Terrier so the bunnies would probably have given as good as they got!

  3. I'm not a John Paul Jones fan, whether or not derek deserved it. However I am caught up so we'll see!

  4. First I've heard of Three Identical Strangers. Will have to watch it soon. I've started decorating for Fall/Halloween. Clarity, clarity, clarity, clarity....I agree, it's too much!


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