August 30, 2019

5 on Friday + Last weekend

1. Last weekend, we went to visit Scott's family.

This was the prettiest trail I'd been on in two years. I always say, about everything, "I want to go back in the fall" but hopefully we really will get back in the fall. I also have this pipe dream of going to Gettysburg in the fall (which isn't too far from there) but I've been thinking that since 2008, so...

He did like the swings.

We stopped to see my friend and Wells met her baby. I don't think he really noticed her much, and I will say that *he's* the only one who did any crying during that visit, so there's that. 

He was nice to her though. 

2.  This week, we had our next-to-last swimming lesson, PTL. The lunchtime traffic-filled drive is not pleasant. I'm looking for a fall activity now. I think I'm going to start trying storytime at the library because it's 20 minutes long for < 2 years and is very close. I also was going to look into The Little Gym. 

3.  Last week, I was able to write 3 multi-page PDFs, do all the editing and proofreading and images, and put them into my Teachers Pay Teachers store. This week, I couldn't even get a blog post together. I meant to do some posts Wednesday night and then I started watching Sticks and Stones, the Chappelle special. If you're offended by anything, probably don't watch because you'll just get mad at the world. I used to watch The Chappelle Show on and off in college and he seems to have not changed his comedy and I think we need more of that in this world. When people started talking about it on Twitter, I knew I had to check it out.

Edited to add: This special on Netflix is wildly inappropriate. I won't encourage you to watch based on entertainment value alone. However, when left-wing media outlets started saying it wasn't funny and not to bother watching it...that usually means it actually is funny, so you should watch to see a view from a greater lens to get a look at our culture. Matt Walsh broke it down really well on his podcast yesterday. 

4.  Scott had to leave on short notice the other day, so this week has absolutely thrown me off. I was going to try storytime yesterday, for example, but after a very busy Tuesday and Wednesday, I knew I just had to let Wells set himself back on a schedule. I couldn't rush our morning walk and his morning nap, so getting to story time at 11am wasn't going to happen and that's fine. Waking him up from naps to go places was something I've had to do multiple times in the last week and it never leads to good things.

5. BIP.

I barely watched this week. It was kind of dumb. I thought that Krystal and Chris (oh sorry, Goose) had a verrrrrrry pretty wedding ceremony compared to the paper decorations Carly and Evan ended up with.

Though, all I can see (when they have these wedding specials) is how Ashley I. gloms onto every ounce of Bachelor airtime and hauls Jared along with her. The worst.

Also, apparently Peter will be The Bachelor? I mean, he can't be worse than Colton, who couldn't be worse than Arie. Right?
I liked Mike as a choice, personally, but they pointed out on Another Bachelor Podcast that he often licks his teeth and smiles at the same time and they said that was a dealbreaker and way too weird for them. I almost agree, because try doing that and it is the most unnatural thing you can try to do.

Many people are quite angry about the Peter as Bachelor choice though. I saw the hashtag #notmybachelor, which LOLOLOLOL. You literally make your livelihood  off of tweeting and podcasting and writing about this show. He's definitely your Bachelor, Ashley Spivey. I hope she was kidding, but she also hashtags #notmypresident an awful lot, so she might be serious.

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  1. Did they announce Peter & I missed it??????
    Yeah - did you catch the Another Bachelor Podcast where they played the exact "Line" Mike gave Hannah but also gave the girl on BIP??? I was rolling!!!!


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