August 27, 2019

Instead of a weekend recap...'s already Tuesday so I feel like I missed my window. We were out of town and I got back yesterday so, already, I'm a day behind and, already, I've got too much to do this week. Maybe I'll put a recap in stories later, so you can follow me on IG if you want!

Last night, instead of just going to bed, I found myself rating all the podcasts I listen to, deleting ones I don't want to listen to anymore, and reading all the one-star reviews I could find. My eyes still ache from scrolling.

I really enjoyed all the one-star reviews for Sheologians, actually. It's is shocking (shocking!) to me that they could get the same constructive criticism from every single review for the last year and they still haven't adjusted their podcast accordingly. Most of us, when getting feedback, apply it. Usually. 

I have no idea why people are upset about summer being almost over. Oh, you don't like having a schedule again? Welcome to adulthood. 

Oh! I have no idea what Wells will be for Halloween. I don't think we'll actually trick-or-treat or do anything, but I would like to come up with a costume. Last year he was Charlie Brown. I want something kind of creative but not over-the-top. He'll be fully walking by then, so it needs to be something he can move around in.


Two recommendations needed:

I need a new devotional. Is there one you use that you like? I suppose I could go browse at a store but the internet usually has answers.

Also, I'm s.l.o.w.l.y coming around to the idea of maybe using a paper planner again....(slowly).
What kind do you like? No Emily Ley or Erin Condren, please. Been there, done that. 


  1. I've toyed with a paper planner again but then Keith nixes it and I let that fly away!

  2. I'm changing to Plum Paper this year so I can design it myself with all the extra add ins. I'm excited about it.
    I wish that podcast was on Spotify - I can only find it on their web site.
    Bring on ALLLL the Hallowen & fall stuff!!!

  3. I worked throughout the whole summer so I've always had a schedule ;-) But I'm upset about summer being over because I feel like it's only just started. Actually, I couldn't care less about summer being over... I'm more concerned about 2019 being nearly over! (I know we still have another 4 months but given how fast the last 8 have gone it will be Christmas before I can even blink.)

  4. I use a paper planner and always have. Guess I'm still "old school". I don't have a favorite brand though. Fall is my favorite season and I'm stoked that Halloween will be here before long.


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