August 23, 2019

5 on Friday.

Hey, let's actually get this post up on Friday.
I've had a terrible habit of starting and never finishing posts lately, especially at the end of the week.

1.  This week we've been watching The Great British Baking Show. It's been two years since I saw the first few seasons on Netflix. We watched "collection 6" on Netflix, but then went back and watched "collection 5". There was also a blurb on the description saying that new episodes are coming out August 30th on Netflix. Cheers to that. I love this show so much and I love that we can watch it together.

We've also been watching The Boys. It's really messed up. Scott started it on Sunday when a friend was here for the weekend and it was okay but there's just something about it that's so unrealistic and so amusing and so weird at the same time. So I half-watch.

We finished The Enemy Within last week, which I mentioned in a previous post, and it was really well done. It was of great disappointment to learn that there is no second season. Of course. Of all the crappy shows that get a second season (This Is Us and Designated Survivor), I'm pretty annoyed that this did not.

2. I bought a new water bottle. I'd been using my Hydroflask almost exclusively for the last two years but it's just so heavy and I feel like it's really getting beat up and/or beating other things up because it's so heavy. Plus, I lost the straw a year and a half ago and never bothered to replace it. I wanted something lighter and a bit smaller.
This one from Target seems to fit that description.
(This is the most exciting thing I've done this week, btw.)

3. Oh, maybe not. I put this together in my extra shadowbox frame this week. His onesie and the hat and mitts he wore in the hospital and home from the hospital.

4. In case you missed it...

I posted about my Teachers Pay Teachers store on Wednesday. This is something I'm realllllllly attempting to dedicate time to each day and it definitely doesn't always happen. A little is better than nothing, though.

5. BIP.

*There might be some spoilers below. I don't consider BIP spoilers "spoilers" because there's different outcomes and multiple storylines, not just one big spoiler.*

The Demi drama is just drama. She's a scam artist. Go read Reality Steve. I spent a naptime deep-diving into all the BIP spoilers last week (the best possible use of 90 minutes, no doubt) and she's doing all of this on purpose. If she wanted to get back together with someone she had a previous relationship with and if BIP wanted to bring her on the show, they should've gotten together, proven their point that they are all #LGBTQFRIENDLY to one-up other reality shows, and then Demi and Kristian should've left. There was no need to for them to hang out, as they do for the next week or whatever.

I am not a Tanner fan, but I agree that this is a double-standard AND as they so aptly said on Here to Make Friends, they don't care if it's a double-standard. They want a double-standard in this case because "unfair" or something. Yeah, it's realllllll unfair that Demi gets to make a boatload of money and Derek is treated to the bad end of the double-standard (no one cared about him or even checked on him because they were too busy cheering Demi on...not usually the way heartbreak works on Paradise). Way to show your cards, Here to Make Friends.

Nicole is the worst. She wanted two guys to physically fight over her. So that kind of happened and then she was all "well, I didn't want that". Plus, no one should be allowed to serenade anyone else, ever. I couldn't even watch.

Those are really my only thoughts this week. Also, I found myself LOLing at I Hate Green Beans' podcast because when they talk about soccer star Christian, they play Ricky Martin music. 


We have two busy weekends ahead and I feel like I'm in a run out the clock situation until fall.

Anyone else?


  1. We started watching The Boys and ended up binging it. It is kind of ridiculous but I like it!

  2. I just cant with the whole Demi thing... She has always irked me - she always will.
    I am totally with Tanner on this too
    that shadow box - precious!!!!

  3. I have yet to really watch it. It's weird I'm usually up to date but just couldnt get into it. A coworker keeps saying it's too raunchy for her and I'm like that's their point.


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