July 8, 2019

Summer Weekend #3

It was a long weekend. And the longest trip I've packed up for and taken in the last several months. We all went to my parents' house for the 4th of July.

...I didn't take a whole lot of pictures.

All you really need to see is that absolute trance Jett was in as he watched fireworks from the bedroom window. Scout hid in the corner. Jett couldn't get enough.

Aside from Scott doing work on the house that we own in central Pennsylvania (he bought it 11 years ago), the big accomplishment for me was cleaning out a bunch of my belongings I still had stored at my parents' house. Clothes, stuffed animals, random bags, books, wedding supplies...all went into bags/boxes to be donated. I think I still have one more trip to go but this was a good start (and ten years in the making). I did keep several Beanie Babies for Wells because they've never been played with really, still have the tags, and are a good assortment of different types of animals...maybe he'll like them. I DID find a skirt I bought at Aeropostale in probably 2008/2009 with the tags still on it and I'm assuming I had paid full price for it, which is unfortunate because it was $49.50. I did figure that any clothes I didn't care enough to take to Alaska with me 10 years ago probably just needed to be donated.

Also, Scout rolled in something dead two days in a row on a walk, so he had to deal with the hose twice.

Wells saw his 6 week old cousin and cried more than she did.

Also, he needs a pool...

After getting back on Sunday evening, I took my carload of donations to Goodwill, went to Walmart to pick up a grocery order (that they messed up, so it might be time to reconsider the way I rely on this method of grocery shopping), made dinner, and we watched the first episode of Billions. I was up more than once overnight with an almost-one-year old who should know better (right?) AND I woke up with a sore throat. So we'll see how much gets done today as I try to catch up on all the things. It's a busy week ahead, with someone turning 1 and all.


  1. I cant even grasp that he is almost one!!!
    Look at Jett! Ernie was hiding under the bed - pitiful!!!!
    Glad you got to visit your parents! Always a good time for family time during the holidays

  2. Summer cleanout at it's best! I've been slowly doing that too!!

  3. Jett is so cute!
    I still have loads of stuff at my dad's house. I did get rid of a lot last time I was there but I still have so many books there that I want but just can't transport yet. Stupid planes and their weight limits 😉

  4. one alraedy!! seems like you just had him.


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