July 5, 2019

The Bachelorette: The week before hometowns

I looked at a bunch of gifs from this week's episode and realized I didn't care. It's just the same old thing: Luke is still there, Hannah is still indecisive, etc. Etc.


But here are some random thoughts I jotted down..

Again, I don't actually mind Luke, but I hate that this has become his season and not Hannah's (even if she is allowing him to dominate the drama).

Garrett is a bully. He's grosser than Luke.

Tyler is more annoying with each week, not because he's coming off poorly, but because everyone seems to love him so much. I still don't get it.
He referred to Luke as a 5 foot 8 villain, which is a typical bully move...a real low blow.
His great tragedy in life is that his family went from rich to not-so rich and they had to move into a smaller house? Also, his parents divorced when he was a teenager. (Is he an only child? I guess we'll find out next week.)

I GUARANTEE you that if Luke had told this story, the podcasters would be talking about Luke's "white male privilege" and how he couldn't possibly understand suffering. But since it's Tyler telling the story, everyone is open and understanding and glad he "brought up" the "recession" because "no one ever has before".


And when I say "the podcasters", I mean Here to Make Friends and Bachelor Party. They don't even attempt to hide their biases and it's super annoying.

I like takes that surprise me and on Another Bachelor Podcast, the guys basically summarized that all as "cry me some more crocodile tears, Tyler", and I appreciated that.

Also, at some point, Tyler sat there in his clique of two (him and Jed) and referred to Peter as a great gentleman. Does he think the same of Jed? Because I would question his ability to read people if that's the case.

Speaking of Jed, I was driving three hours yesterday and Wells had about had it with podcasts and started screaming in the backseat and so I had to turn on the radio. I don't do this often. But a Thomas Rhett song came on and I had this thought that Huh, Jed is trying to be Thomas Rhett. Thomas Rhett is about as wholesome as you can get, so Jed is not a Thomas Rhett. Also, because Jed can't sing.

Moving on...

There's a lot of talk about Mike being the Bachelor. I'm kind of indifferent. The last two Bachelors were so terrible and Nick was a joke, so there's nowhere to go but up. Everyone knows the Bachelor is just Bachelorette auditions anyway.

Then Connor went home. I didn't care about Connor either way, but I heard a good point somewhere along the line: Hannah totally blamed him for not standing out in the crowd on group dates. So because he wasn't loud and obnoxious, she didn't pay attention to him?

Also, SHE was the one suffering from "dehydration and exhaustion" (i.e. probably alcohol poisoning) on the day of their one-on-one so that wasn't HIS fault. He tried, you know?

And finally, Kaitlyn Bristowe keeps making money off the franchise by getting involved. 

#1: Literally, no one should care what she thinks.
She sells SCRUNCHIES to Generation Z as a profession.

#2: She doesn't even understand her own argument.

To be clear: I don't care what Hannah does.
But you cannot use Jesus to justify your behavior. Do what you want, but leave Jesus out of it, if that's the way you want things to be. Because then you have people who know nothing about Christianity acting like they are authorities on the subject and all the lemmings who follow them on Twitter (and can't spell worth anything, by the way), hitch their ropes to that incorrect train of thought.
Like all of a sudden, people who hate Christians and everything they stand for are saying Go girl! to Hannah like Hannah is some authority on the subject. Even Sean Lowe is jumping on board!

I had a much more articulate version of what I wanted to say there in my head yesterday. But we can talk about it if you have thoughts!

Predictions for next week: 
Peter, Jed, Luke go to fantasy suites.


  1. I am SOOOO OVERRRR This season. I just cant handle Hannah's immaturity in ALLL the things. The poor girl cant handle her emotions - & this is coming from me, someone who cries at anything. She just is coming across as a hot mess.
    I think she'll send peter home next week actually.
    I have to say, I laughed so hard at Tyler's comment about the 5/8 thing... it was a low blow - but you can see all over their face how done they are with Luke. It drove me INSANE how he constantly says he wont talk about the other guys & then 0.3 seconds later, his first sentence to Hannah is about ALL THE GUYS ... he's just a loser. I didnt care to watch a gas lighting dude take over the season. BLAH... I just cant wait to see Hannah's view on it all when its over.

  2. I was kinda hoping for a brawl between Luke & Garret bc both of their smirks made me want to punch them.

    I also agree that this whole jesus thing needs to stop.

  3. I think Luke is portrayed as the villain and probably isn't as bad in real life as portrayed on TV but it's scary when he yells or throws a tantrum because you can see the black of his soul in his eyes. The majority of this season has been about Luke. I'm bored with it (but will continue watching, of course!) I think the only quality guy on the show has been Peter, in my opinion. I don't think any of them have played up to be quality husband material.

  4. I agree on every single point. Forcing the villain edit on Luke is starting to exhaust me. He has zero communication skills, but I actually agree with him on some things. I about exploded over Kaitlyn’s tweet and everyone agreeing. Tyler’s, too.


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