July 11, 2019

Stuff and Things 7/11

Wells turned ONE (O-N-E) yesterday.

Also, he's teething in a particularly awful way (molars, I'm guessing) so pictures did not go well yesterday. We'll try again.

Wet hair for me because that's just how it goes. 

I'll have more thoughts on that next week, so this is just a random smattering of Stuff and Things today. With a bit of birthday thrown in.


This body wash is fantastic. I've tried all the scents and this is my favorite. It seems to be a Target-only special. Actually, no. I haven't tried the Watermelon Mint because I haven't been able to find it in the store yet.

I was looking for a new eye cream because I wanted something caffeine-based. The RF one is great, long-term, but I wanted something I'd see some quick results from right now. I saw this Inkey List cream on a blog and checked it out at Sephora...it was $6 in shipping AND wouldn't be here for a week (and we'd be out of town when it was delivered). So I went to Amazon and found Beauty by Earth Coffee Bean Eye Cream. Exactly what I wanted with great reviews for $14.99 + free shipping + delivered in less than two days.

This is why Amazon always is always (always) winning. I, somewhat regrettably, didn't take true "before" pictures and haven't taken "after" pictures, but I will. I'm sure some of it is a placebo effect, but I do certainly feel like it's working.

Yesterday we had donuts from a custom donut shop near our house. They make the donuts (they're mini ones) and decorate them while you wait. Basically, they're cupcakes in donut form.

Wells had a birthday cake one. He ate about half of it, which we totally didn't appreciate, but we couldn't finish it because it was all slobbery and wet from his water and...well, you have to draw the line somewhere.

We also got a water table from my parents. I had no idea what to get him so we bought him a Pirates jersey. It's big enough that he can wear it next year too. Also, he's getting a party with lots of Veggie Tales decorations.

I barely know what to do with a kid who has a July birthday. Like, the possibilities are endless. Pools, parks, vacations...

Meanwhile, July 10th also means it's my half birthday and it's been exactly 6 months since we moved to Pittsburgh from Wyoming. Yay? I should have thoughts on this, but I don't yet?

Wells' birthday party is this weekend, so I'll have that on here next week and a full recap on my feelings about O-N-E as well. He has his 12 month appointment Monday so hopefully we'll get allllllll the vaccines and we won't feel too crummy afterward.


I'm (loosely) hoping to have some Bachelorette thoughts for tomorrow but, as of now I haven't even managed to finish the episode, so it may be classically late. Absolutely worth checking back for though, I'm sure.


  1. Cant wait to see pics from the birthday party!
    & YAHOO for little donuts you can pick the yummies on. That's genius!
    Well's is gonna have the best time with that table. I see more & more of those. So smart to keep them occupies & cool with water too ... we just had a lawn sprinkler when I grew up :) LOL

  2. Cupcakes in doughnut form! YUM! Hope the birthday party goes well and that his teething gets better.

  3. Those donuts look sooo good- happy birthday again to Wells! I've been wanting to try out that body wash. I actually have the hand soap in a post I've been writing-- we love the green tea one. The water table looks like so much fun- and yay for a Veggie Tales party!


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