June 6, 2019

What's New lately...

Today being the anniversary of D-Day, there was a fantastic special done on The Daily Wire. Ben Shapiro interviewed veterans who were there and their stories are something every American needs to hear. 

This isn't an all-encompassing post of what's new, but it's hitting on the big things and small things from the last few weeks. Linking up with Kristen!

Wells is into everything, all the time. And, usually, I just let it happen. How will he discover things if he doesn't play around? I'd much rather have him pull boxes and bags out of the pantry while I cook dinner than have toys laying everywhere. 

For the first time ever, we miscommunicated and forgot to feed the dogs. Usually it's me feeding them or reminding Scott to feed them. But I asked him to, he didn't hear me, he went somewhere with them, and then I realized hours later that no one had fed them. So they got eggs for dinner as an apology. The didn't care though because they had gotten to go hiking. 

I found a fantastically funny podcast, thanks to Rebecca. Scott even laughs at it. 

(I keep posting about this but it was slightly traumatic for me. The last 7 years of my life are/were on my old MacBook. Sorting through 7 years worth of material/photos was enough to cause some heavy reflection on my part.)

I read some good books this past month. Books post is coming next week. 

[And no picture because being that person at the gym wasn't something I wanted to do.]

I discovered a kickboxing class at the gym. To my surprise, it was Turbokick. They don't call it that, but they're using the rounds and the class is structured just like the ones I learned how to teach. This was so welcome and felt a little like "home". It's also amazing how my muscle memory doesn't forget that kind of stuff. I'm also slightly shocked that that first class didn't kill me: I haven't done Turbokick since 2013.


  1. i have Sadie on my TBR and i'm glad you gave it a good rating

  2. This link up is making me excited for SUYB! And a Turbokick class sounds so fun!! That's Chalene Johnson's kickboxing class, right? I used to do Turbo Jam videos- they were so fun. I still have them and will do Turbo Fire occasionally if the mood strikes. But if there were a live class here I'd be all about it!

  3. It's driving me NUTS they still dont have this week's podcast out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are always the latest, which gives me time to listen to all the others - but come on - its THURSDAY!!! I NEED IT!

  4. I was going to comment...BUT FIRST! This post is sponsored by Boll & Branch! Haha, hopefully you get the Ben Shapiro reference :) I'll have to listen to that Sunday Special - it sounds fascinating. Exciting about the new computer! I do everything on my work laptop and really need to get my own...

  5. I'm glad you found a class you liked that felt like home!

    I love when kids pull things out from everywhere. It's good to explore!

  6. that video of Wells opening and closing the door (yesterday?) gave me life. it was absolutely hilarious. i remember my friend had a cabinet dedicated to letting kids pull things out and play with them, because she said it was easier to let them vs constantly telling them to stop. she still has it for visitors lol. yay kickboxing! that's awesome. i totally judge people taking photos at the gym, as i am taking photos of myself at the gym. don't even care.


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