June 5, 2019

Currently in June...

Picking.... out some plants. We don't have the space/means to create a huge garden since we're renting this summer but there's a small raised bed that they had a garden in last year, I guess. Since, Scott will hopefully be here all summer, he can maintain it.

Remember years of the past in which I've killed garden after garden in the dry Colorado heat when he was was deployed?

Going.... back to a tried and true method of absolute productivity. I deactivated Facebook. And I feel like a new person. You see, I use Instagram. I use Twitter. I learn and enjoy things from those platforms. I was not learning anything new with Facebook (aside from who was moving where in the army world and who was having a baby). I wasn't using Facebook. I was just mindlessly scrolling. It was nothing to aspire to and nothing I wanted to be a part of, really.

Wishing... that I could go back and do a few more newborn days with Wells. I mean, just a few. Because I ain't got time for that stretch between 3-9 months again. You know, when they *should* be doing things (like sleeping) and they're not doing them. Before 3 months, anything is fair game and you can't blame them for being a baby.


I thought I had a better picture (a close-up) of the sandals but I think I deleted it.
They're Madden Girl, which is a brand I've found to hold up pretty well for multiple years. 
I got silver, but it doesn't appear that they're on the site anymore. I wanted something with a footbed, but didn't want to pay for Birkenstocks. I paid less than $20 during a sale. 

And I've bought four Universal Thread shirts over the last two months. 
They're so comfortable and perfect for shorts. (Shorts are old, from Old Navy). 

Also, I don't have a picture and it's dark while I'm typing this so I'm not about to take one...but these Madewell Jeans are fabulous. I wore them to Chicago two weeks ago because it was super chilly here in the morning when we left and 50 degrees and raining in Chicago after we got there. 
That was like 12 hours of wear plus airports and a plane and walking, and they didn't stretch out at all. Super impressed. 

Celebrating... we're getting ready to plan a first birthday party around here.

I'm not planning on going insanely overboard but there's a few things I'm being insistent with and this shirt is one of them. It's from Happy Birthday Boutique. They were so easy to work with!

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  1. my FIL has a garden so I just give him the plants I want to grow and he does it for me bc he has an incredible green thumb (i kill everything i touch).

  2. Oh - yay, Veggie Tales! Speaking of gardens though, I miss having one. Weeds/grass took over the garden area and I just haven't had time to get it tilled for planting. No one else would eat the fresh veggies except me ... maybe next year.

  3. Aw, that shirt for Wells is so cute. I hope the 1st birthday party is a lot of fun!


  4. Isnt it crazy how fast they grow? Look at Baby Wells!!!

  5. Wow, that looks like an impressive little garden spot! If my husband weren't around, definitely nothing would even get planted here, let alone have a chance for me to kill it ;-) And I have those very same Madewell jeans - they are the best! Travel is such a good test of the stretch-out factor, and they pass with flying colors.

  6. Me and plants don't get along. During our renovation I've managed to kill our lavender. Apparently when it's not actually on the balcony and I'm not home all day I forget to water it. Sigh.


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