May 13, 2019

Wells' Nursery, Part 2

Meaning this is his second nursery.

He'll have three bedrooms before he's 2 years old.

This is room #2 in 6 months.

I wrote about his first nursery here, so I'm guessing that as long as he's under 1 year, I can still call this a nursery. I explained more about where we bought certain things in that post.

I was not in love with this room (or this house) but, as I've said, it's just a rental for a short period of time. Please, please, please just ignore the carpet. It is what it is.

I think about how our second rental in Alaska or our rental in Missouri was set up perfectly for a baby/nursery. Our Colorado house would've been okay and our Wyoming house worked well enough. This house is set up a lot like the Wyoming house, with the master bedroom, bathroom, and nursery all right next to each other. It's nice in a way, but not ideal for crying-it-out.

The sign is from Loveable Lumber, an Etsy shop. I was originally going to hang it up but I kind of like it here. We'll see. 

The shelf is actually our TV stand from Colorado. I think the colors fit best with his room (minus that carpet) and it has his clothes in baskets and all of his books. 

He was pretty angry that I made him wait in his crib (where he couldn't run/crawl away).

Toys that the dogs can mistake for their own must go on high shelves. 

I have curtains but I don't know if we'll actually ever put them up. The blinds are nice and the daylight doesn't wreck his sleep yet. We had curtains in his other room because there were no blinds. 

I've opted to put linens and paperwork/warranties/extra parts/etc in his drawers instead of clothes and it's been such a timesaver. Those baskets on the shelves make life easier! No more digging around and everything has its place. He also has a closet full of clothes and blankets, and the closets are a really good size (compared to the last two houses). But they're hideous to look can see the door up no pictures :) 

I'm thinking of finding a big map to add to the wall...Hobby Lobby usually has some cute ones, but I haven't seriously looked yet. 


  1. Those animal prints are the cutest thing!!!!

  2. I keep Cyrus's everyday clothes in a basket and that's been really handy. I think it looks really nice, especially considering that it's a rental (because I think no one could say they love the carpet, haha!) I really like the name sign and the "Be still and know"!

  3. I love the sign of his name and the adorable animal prints!

  4. CUTE animal pictures! I love how they look as if they are peeking in through a window!

  5. I think the room looks great. I especially like the personalized name sign.


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