February 11, 2019

What's in my bag (as of currently)

I've discovered that if I'm not working, I don't actually need that much with me.

This is actually bordering on embarrassing, but I might as well document it for posterity. That's what this blog is for, after all.

I've been using this bag from Target since September. Since Wells isn't out of the house for prolonged periods, I don't actually need that much for him. Otherwise, I would use our diaper bag, but for now it's just for longer trips.

I wanted to switch over to a Longchamp, so I pulled this one out of the closet and I ordered a purse organizer from Amazon. It worked beautifully...until we went somewhere and a dog knocked it over and a bottle leaked everywhere and I had to wash out the purse and organizer...but not before Jett licked every bit of formula off of everything because that's just what he does.

I pulled the Target bag back out. It had been freshly washed as well...I love that it can go through the washer (at least 4 times now!) and hasn't fallen apart.

I put the organizer in the Target bag and it'll do for now. I don't need a regular purse right now. I don't need a diaper bag right now. I'm somewhere in the middle because of our current lifestyle.

My last few bag posts were much more glamorous than this one. (Okay, maybe not. Definitely not, actually.)

Again: borderline embarrassing.

Let's "organize" it...

Two hats. One for me, one for the baby.
2 pairs of gloves
1 water-stained wallet that just became water-stained but I've had it since 2012, so it might be time for a new wallet.
An electric bill I've been carrying around so I can use it as proof-of-address for a library card. 
2 lotions. One for me and one for the baby.
2 chapsticks
1 pair tweezers
1 pair of mini-scissors
Some random cash
A prayer card of sorts that I've been carrying around
A knife that Scott gave me to carry around
A bottle cap
Random lists and receipts
Some wipes and diapers
A few dog bags because we live in a "town" now.

So. What I've learned from this is that I need a new wallet and a new bag. Also maybe a lipstick. I have a few but never seem to like any of them enough to wear them, let alone carry them. 

Recommendations welcomed.


  1. Right over "A knife" - I thought it said a GUN - its gum - haha
    I just thought, dont mess with this MOMMA!!!! :)

  2. I love this! I love that you carry a knife. Pretty bad ass. LOL.

  3. I have such a random assortment of nonsense in my purse haha!

  4. My current strategy is carrying my small purse...usually inside the larger diaper bag. I always go for the smallest purse that can fit just the basics...but then baby needs some extras, so diaper bag it is. I'm not super big on packing excessive extras for him but the other day he had to spend about 4 hours at school shirtless after throwing up all over his shirt (because I always think "what are the odds I'll really need a spare outfit for him?" and don't bother keeping one in the bag. Apparently the odds are higher than I imagine them to be.)

  5. I found this quite entertaining, like a secret look into one's life - LOL! I'm a small purse carrier, so I'm always shocked/surprised/entertained by the amount of items that can fit into larger purses! (If you saw the size of mine, this would probably make more sense!) Knife - good idea. :)

  6. Before it was organized I was thinking "what the fu..." but then it all made sense :) I'd do one of these but I feel like my bag contents are insanely boring.


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