October 31, 2014

A day in the life…

5am  Alarm goes off.  I turn it off and shuffle dogs around so I can turn the light on.  I really hate waking up this early, but I need to get moving slowly.  I don't do "quick" before 10am.

5:10 Let the dogs out, brush teeth, put in contacts, make coffee.  Let dogs in.

5:15-5:45  Catch up on emails, drink coffee, chip away at pile of schoolwork I left on the table last night.  I don't get very far.  Listen to the news.  

6:00  Getting ready for school…feeding the dogs, packing lunch, cleaning things up.

7:00  Leave the house. The above photo shows how I try to gather up everything I need for the day…

7:36  Get to work.  Have a few conversations, do some grading (that I should've done the night before), set things up, etc.  

8:35  Crosswalk duty.

9:00  Pick up kids.

9:40  Read aloud and Science project presentations.

9:40-10:15  Prep period.  Eat a Larabar, continue with the grading. In the one year I spent in 2nd grade, I'd forgotten how much grading 4th grade actually involves.  It's never-ending. Answer questions for people who are always randomly stopping by.  

10:15-12:00  Reading.  Test for them, pocket of planning time for me.  Go over test.  Meet with feedback groups while the rest do center work.  

12:00-12:35  Math.  Decimals and place value.  Go over homework.  Give a quiz, meticulously explaining directions in a way that makes it seem like it'd just be easier to do it together.  Go over quiz.  Give homework.  

12:35  Lunch/Recess.  I stop to talk to the nurse and return a phone call.  I eat half my salad around 12:50 and check to see if my teammate can cover my afternoon crosswalk duty.  I have an eye appointment right after school.

1:05  More math.  Games, puzzles, fact practice.

2:00  More science project presentations (This is what was unusual about yesterday.  Usually this is writing/centers time.)

3:00-3:20  More science stuff.  I could explain things in detail, but do you really want to read my lesson plans?  Didn't think so.

3:30 Bell rings.  

3:40  Leave for the eye doctor.

4:00  Arrive exactly on time and fill out paperwork.

4:40  Leave the eye doctor. Stop for gas.  I have to come back for a followup next week to make sure my new prescription is okay.  I've been wearing contacts since I was 12.  I think I'll be okay.  

5:30  Arrive home, let out the dogs, feed them, try on new dress from Loft that was waiting at the front door, take outfit picture.

5:54  Pour a glass of wine and try to comment on all the Stuff and Things posts.  Try not to take it personally that the linkup size has doubled since Joey started co-hosting with me.  Contemplate dinner.

6:20  Go outside and realize that Scout has wedge himself halfway under the fence.  Upon further inspection, realize they've been trying to dig their way out of this prison.  Put some big landscaping rocks in the holes.  

6:25  Make dinner.  Another chicken salad and sweet potatoes.

7:00ish  Eat while Scout whines.  Repeatedly let him and Jett in and out.  I hate letting them out in the dark.  

7:20 Paint my nails. I'm desperately trying to let my nails grow so that means I have to keep polish on them.  Piddle around the kitchen and the internet for a bit.  

By 8:00pm, I'm ready for bed.  Especially by Thursday night.  I think the dogs have had it with this week too.  I'll attempt an ab workout before bed though.

Scout was mad at me, so he threw the pillows on the floor.  
This is something he really does when he's irritated.  

Happy Friday!  Eat some candy corn since it's the Candy Corn Holiday.


  1. I always love reading day in the life posts - I'm so nosy! Too funny that Scout throws the pillows on the floor when he's upset... they really can be like humans!

  2. Oh my gosh this was the best thing ever. The way you describe the dogs literally had me laughing out loud--I had to read the "digging their way out of this prison" AND the "scout threw the pillows on the floor" bits to J. And don't take it personally about the linkup--I'm far more obnoxious about forcing people to link up than you were ;) <3

  3. Day in the life post are fun to read. You are a busy lady for sure.

  4. Scout is hilarious with the pillows. I've been meaning to do one of these posts for the longest but I keep forgetting it. No picture of the new dress!?

  5. In bed by 8 sounds so fantastic. I miss the days when my daughter would go to bed between 7-7:30 and I could make that a reality for me. Now, after she goes to bed around 8:30-9, I need an hour to decompress from the tornado that she is!

    Dogs are such lovable pains in the ass.

  6. Loved this! And I love that I'm not the only one who is ready for bed by 8. it's because we get up and are productive so early in the morning, I tell myself. :)

  7. Ok, at 6:20 I thought it said Scott had wedged himself under the fence. I was like come on Scott! What are you doing? I got a good laugh out of that.

    I was totally ready for bed by 7:30 last night, but I picked myself up off the couch and actually did things until 11. Lame. I should've gone to bed.

  8. Haha! I thought it said Scott wedged himself under the fence too! I was very confused. :p


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