November 6, 2018

This weekend I...

This is a day late because Scott was gone for 3 1/2 days instead of the usual 2 1/2 so it felt like a long weekend.

Was semi-excited for snow and there was no snow. Literally. None.

Started watching Steven Crowder on Youtube. He's from Canada so it makes him, I think, rather credible in the sense that he's experienced more than just living in America, when he talks about how great America actually is.  This video about Canadian healthcare terrified me. (If you are from Canada, can you say if this is the general trend?) We've driven the expanse of Canada twice and I know the prices always made me want to throw up, but the idea that people point to it as the model of how healthcare can/should work...those people need to watch this video. (Seriously Canadians, what's your experience with healthcare? I have been thrown into "civilian" healthcare after 8 years of military healthcare and that's different enough.)

Made 6 trips to the storage unit. I'm doing this thing where I'm unpacking, sorting, and repacking all the tubs so they're ready to go, with proper labels, when we move again. That way, I just have to pack this house, which I planned to do starting around Thanksgiving, but may begin earlier.

Slept in 2-4 hour chunks because of:

Watched some Charlie Brown's Christmas 

Watched The Nutcracker (1993 version) on Netflix. Contemplated Christmas.

Canceled my gym membership. It's a good thing too, because I'd forgotten they do a 30 day notice kind of nonsense, so I had to pay for November anyway. I was going on about how great the gym was a few weeks ago but last weekend I had this moment of clarity (probably around 2am) and Why are you doing this to yourself? popped into my head.  I realized that I didn't need to schedule my day around a class at the gym. It's not practical right now and I felt so much better once I let that go. The reason for me joining the gym was for me to just get out of the house by myself. But it didn't really help me. I initially felt lots of guilt about canceling, but this is not a season in which I'm allowing myself to feel guilty. (The only guilt I'm "allowed" is when I fail to take the dogs for a walk because then Scout is a walking and shaming reminder of that guilt.)

His Native American name would be Dog Who Waits By Door because this is what I get if he doesn't get a proper walk.

Went to Wal-Mart, bought nothing but groceries, got home and realized I probably should've gotten diapers too.

Finally got around to highlighting my hair.

Read exactly 1 chapter of a book.


I was going to say something political here but I won't. If you're able to go vote, you probably should. I would never try to shame anyone into it because I know how difficult it is for military families, etc. Just to get an absentee ballot, I had to start at the end of September. It's not always as easy as walking three blocks to a fire station or school. My polling place, for example, is at an elementary school 3,250 miles away. But, if voting is something you can do today, go do it.



  1. Their experience at the hospital wasn't any different than I experienced last year - urgent care is closed during the day/weekends and after waiting at the emergency room to be triaged and then waiting to be seen(probably 6 hours total), my total bills were $2100 and I have insurance, our coverage every month costs $625 out of pocket. I know that single payer healthcare isn't perfect, but the costs for US healthcare are insane - we actually consider the hospital costs of having a baby to be a deterrent in trying to get pregnant. If I had a baby this year, I'd pay atleast $6,000 out of pocket after insurance, just for a hospital stay, not including prenatal care. That's not the costs of getting cancer or emergency surgery, that's a relatively normal hospital admission.
    I don't see how the current US healthcare model is sustainable. I also don't know much about military healthcare, but it seems single payer-ish to me too - you're covered for (pretty much?)everything and you can pay extra for additional level of coverage, which is similar to the Canadian model, I think?
    I just want the option for change - but it doesn't seem like that's happening in the US right now.

  2. Voting - accomplished!!!!
    I have those moments of clarity in the middle of the night too - WHYYYY? :) Glad you followed through with it though.
    Dogs have that way of guilting you... little masterminds

  3. I'm so glad you aren't letting that guilt get the best of you! You are doing great and just do you! :)

  4. You are one of THOSE people that look forward to snow?!?!?! HA! I will never understand that - I dread snow so much!...I wish I loved it since I see so much of it in winter months! HA


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