November 2, 2018

Friday Favorites

1. Not dressing up for Halloween. Sometimes I have to think broadly to find some favorites from the week, but this is easy. I never hated Halloween and I think it's a great holiday for kids lets them be creative, there's cute games and movies that go along with it, and they can celebrate it with their friends. It's very much a kid-friendly holiday. wasn't until I started teaching in Colorado that, all of a sudden, teachers had to participate. I never dressed up in Alaska (if I did, it was a cowboy hat or a tiara or something) and in Missouri, they didn't do Halloween at my school.
In Colorado, each team of teachers had to have a theme for their costumes and they were judged on it. This gave me crippling anxiety...I don't know why. Each year, my coworker bought or made my costume for me and I just paid her for it. Minions, Power Rangers, Pac Man. It's a complete WASTE of a school week, to be honest, if Halloween falls in the middle of the week. If teachers complain about kids being "off", they totally did this to themselves. If anything, make it a 1 hour party in the afternoon and keep the rest of the day the same. But in my last building, the entire day was devoted to parades and parties and an assembly. What. a waste.

Whew. It's kind of nice that I can say this now.

Halloween is the worst, an article. If you care to read.

2. However, dressing up Wells was fun. The dogs decided to not cooperate, but oh well. I've never successfully gotten them to wear a costume so this year was no different.

3. As Wells gets heavier, so does the carseat. I found this video on how to carry a carseat without, essentially, killing your arm. It does work.

4. We went out for wings last night and I'd show you a picture but we have this rule about no phones out at restaurants and I made Scott put his away. But the wings were good and Wells enjoyed watching ESPN from the hanging TV. We'll go back.

5. On Wednesday, I had to choose between creating something for Teachers Pay Teachers and doing Pilates during naptime. I chose to create. This is a fiction book review project. It's based off of something that I used to do with my class, but very user/student-friendly and one of those things you just can't go wrong with, because it's all included in the packet. All that's missing is the book!

I'm going to have to start publishing these Friday Favorites posts on Thursday nights, because otherwise, they're getting out there kind of late.


  1. We dress up for Halloween but it's always basic and never over the top.

  2. I always say I dont know how moms carry babies in their car seat & then the diaper bag & everything else toting along. There's got to be an easier way.


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